Why You Should Adopt And Not Shop

Many of us have heard that we should adopt and not shop, but what are the benefits of welcoming your new pet from the shelter rather than buying it from the shop? It turns out the positivity could go a lot further than we ever believed.

You can save many lives

Not only can you help to save the life of your new bundle of fun, but you could be helping many more animals in the future, too. That’s right; taking home your new pet gives them a second shot at life. Plus, freeing up their space in the shelter also means they have more room to take in another animal in need. This can have a knock-on effect that could help many animals in need.

You often know what you’re getting

Many pets at shelters are often adults by the time they need new homes. Although many of us dream up welcoming a new puppy or kitten into our lives, welcoming an older animal could have many more benefits. They have often grown into their personalities meaning that what you see is usually what you get. Sometimes, these pets just need a little love to help themselves shine.

Pets are often trained

Yes, it looks as though many pets at shelters have already been trained. Some pets have come from households where they can no longer live, but they have been trained for months or years and still remember all those neat tricks. To top it off, many shelters work with the animals in their care as they prepare them for life in their new home. This means they usually have basic training, such as being house trained.

You can save money

There are so many benefits when you adopt and don’t shop, and it looks as though even your bank account could thank you in the long run. Many breeders ask hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their pets. However, shelters only usually need new owners to pay the adoption fees. As if that wasn’t enough, pets usually come fixed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations meaning there shouldn’t be any initial vets bills.

They can be healthier

Did you know that 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred? However, there can be many benefits to owning a mix breed. They often have fewer illnesses thanks to having a broader gene pool to work with. Plus, mixed breeds usually have longer lifespans than their purebred cousins. Still not enough? You’ll get all the great bits of every breed rolled into one, lovable furry friend! It seems as though there’s no end to the benefits.

Adopting a new pet from the shelter can be an amazing feeling for many, and there’s a host of good reasons. As well as helping to save a life along the way, you could be about to meet your new best friend, too. It could be time to stop the puppy and kitten farming once and for all.