7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe During A Hurricane

Hurricane season is upon us — you never know what might happen from July all the way to November. Although we’ve all been taught safety measures in school, animal safety is something we lack knowledge about. In these seven simple steps, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your cat.

1. Have all the necessary contacts

In case of a hurricane, you should always have a prepared list of contacts: a shelter, your veterinarian, disaster relief facilities and family members. Write this down on a card and have it laminated. That way, you won’t have to rely on your phone or risk losing it to a wet environment.

2. Have a disaster relief kit

During hurricane season, you always have to be prepared to leave your house at a moment’s notice. There is no time for packing. A disaster kit is your ticket out of an unpleasant situation. It should have all the necessary vet records, grooming supplies, first aid, blankets and toys. Also, have at least a month’s worth of your cat’s medication there.

3. Food and water

Aside from your disaster relief kit, you should have a separate container for supplies. This should include a few weeks’ worth of cat food. That way, you can keep your cat well fed even if supply lines are cut off and stores don’t get any cat food. Fresh water is also mandatory when preparing for a hurricane — a couple of gallons will do.

4. Learn first aid

The fact that not many people know about first aid is terrible. It takes only a couple of minutes or hours to learn, but it can save both your and your cat’s life. Learn how to treat basic cuts, conditions and how to recognize red flags and everything else that might be related to your cat in these situations. Have a first aid kit, too.

5. Have a plan

Not knowing where to go during a hurricane is what kills most people. Don’t be a statistic. Have a plan for where to go and know which roads are the sturdiest. That way, you will have a chance to be among the first to evacuate. Stay in contact with any relatives living in the vicinity. Also, have a canister of fuel in the trunk.

6. Make sure the chips and tags are OK

Cats are usually afraid of storms, not to mention full-blown hurricanes. Because of this, they tend to get lost. Having a chip and tag on her is a great way of making sure you’re reunited with your pet. A cat has to have a waterproof tag with all the necessary contact info of its owner. Have that on her at all times. You never know.

7. Buy a big cat carrier

The reason why you should get a big one is to make space for a small litter box. You never know how scared your feline friend will be and how long you will have to carry her. Also, there should be enough blankets to make her feel comfortable and house her favorite toys and items.