6 Things You Might Be Cleaning Too Much Around the House

For most people, cleaning up the house is a regular, continuous activity that can’t be pushed to the side. In fact, some people do it so much that it consumes almost all their time and tires them out for days on end. But come to think of it, could you be overcleaning some items in your house and leaving less time for other activities? We highlighted some items you could be overcleaning below.

The oven

If oven-cleaning is taking up a large percentage of your daily or weekly cleaning time, you are going overboard. Unless you make a lot of spills and don’t wipe them right after, oven-cleaning can be relegated to the month’s end or even once every six months.

Dirty dishes after dinner

You might be used to wiping the dishes off in the sink before placing them in the dishwasher, but that’s just one of the many ways you’re wasting time during house cleaning. The dishwasher is enough for the whole dish-cleaning process. In fact, it’s more efficient than using your hands.

Bed covers and bedspreads

If you’ve been washing up your bed covers, quilts, duvets or comforters every week, you’ve been killing valuable time. Unless you have pungent body odor, have friends sleep over often or sleep with your pets, all your bedspreads (save for the sheets that come into direct contact with your skin) can be washed only once every two months.

Drapes and curtains

There’s no reason you should expand your weekly wash load with curtains and drapes. Those can be done once a month, and even then, you won’t have much work to do. The only curtains to worry about are those in the kitchen because of the aerosol and fume particles they absorb daily. As for the regular curtains and drapes (living room, bedroom, etc.), a good “air only” dryer round will remove the dust just fine.

Light fixtures and ceiling fans

Dusting all the lights and ceiling fans in every room every week isn’t that necessary (unless you live in a super-dusty area). You don’t have to wait until they accumulate dusty cobwebs either, so aim for doing it once every month.


Laundry always makes up a large part of cleaning, and for most people, it’s a weekly task. Nonetheless, most clothes can be worn more than once unless you’re a sweater or your job soils you up daily. So rather than doing laundry every weekend, how about you let the pile grow for a few weeks and then do it all at once — maybe once a month? How about you leave weekly laundry to undergarments and spare some time for yourself?

In conclusion, some items around the house don’t need to be cleaned every day or every week. You can use that time for other personal affairs.