6 Of The Most Popular At-Home Workout Plans

If there is one thing that many of us have learned in recent months, it’s that keeping fit at home doesn’t have to be as tough as it seems. Perhaps you need a little motivation? Maybe you’re looking for something new? Have no fear; these are just some of the most popular at-home workout plans.


Not all of us are blessed with space or time. That’s where PIIT28 comes into its own. You don’t need much space, any equipment, and only 28 minutes a day for, you guessed it, 28 days. Each week comes with six workouts that feature seven different exercises, made up of core-strengthening elements and high-intensity interval training. Not enough? PIIT28 comes with everything you need to track your progress.


Perhaps the idea of high-intensity interval training, guided strength training, and low-intensity cardio ticks all the boxes? BBG could be for you. This at-home workout plan does need a few pieces of equipment, but it’s almost guaranteed to challenge your muscles and get your heart rate up all at the same time. Each workout is 28 minutes long, meaning you don’t have to dedicate a day to exercise.


There is a reason that Insanity is still one of the most popular at-home workout plans. It’s fun and helps you lose weight and tone up all at the same time. Insanity uses different exercises in intervals to make sure you’re always moving. Thankfully, the exercises don’t need any fancy equipment, and you get a nutrition guide with this plan.


There are already 200 workouts that come with P.Volve, and there’s even more being added each week. Each plan is fully customizable and uses a combination of high-intensity and resistance-based workouts that help to build strength in all areas of your body. The app even suggests workouts each week to keep things interesting.

Core de Force

There are several health benefits to mixed martial arts. Thankfully, Core de Force is the at-home workout plan that combines the best of all of them as it aims to get people’s heart rates up and work on their muscles. Many of the exercises are focused on the core to make sure all those jabs and kicks have the power they need. To top it off, all the exercises are less than one hour.

Alo Moves

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert; Alo Moves has pilates, meditation, and yoga routines for people of all levels. There are even HIIT classes if you want something to get your blood pumping. Alo Moves is also a great at-home workout plan for anyone wanting to try different types of yoga without heading to those classes.

With more and more of us looking to tone up and get fit at home, it might be time to check out some of the most popular at-home workout plans on the market. It might not be long before we find and fall in love with the exercise we’ve been craving all our lives.