5 Ways To Let Go Of Regret, Even When It Seems Hard

It can be easy to get caught up trying to live the perfect life. After all, many of us have heard stories about people’s regrets. So what happens when you find yourself overwhelmed with the feeling? These five ways to let go of regret, even when it seems hard, are a great way to start moving on with life.

Give grief journaling a go

To some, regret is like grief. Some of us find ourselves mourning our mistakes or not meeting certain expectations we set for ourselves. That’s where grief journaling can be a great tool. Here, we can write anything that helps, including how we feel, how a situation made us feel, or some of the difficult situations we’ve worked through along the way. A grief journal can also be a great place to try and find some positives from it all to remind ourselves that things can – and will get better.

Think about the lessons you’ve learned

While it can be easy to get caught up in the feelings of regret, there is usually something to be learned from it all. Dr. Roese explains that regrets are one of the best ways to set goals for the future because it gives us a way to avoid making the same mistakes. Instead of thinking about what we could have done at the time, regret can be a way to think about what it has taught us.

Try to forgive and forget

This can be easier said than done when it comes to learning how to let go of regret. However, thinking about how the feelings mean we have a standard we set for ourselves can show we have values and expectations. This is all part of being human. So is falling short of those expectations. Sometimes, we just need a little time to come to terms with what we have done and learn how to forgive ourselves.

Find a way to distract yourself

A great way to let go of regret is to find something to take your mind off your thoughts. Sure, you might not want to do anything other than sit around and think about the past, but picking up a new hobby or trying something you have always wanted could be all it takes to get your mind to a much better place. Plus, when you do think about the situation again, you might find yourself worrying less.

Talk to someone about your regret

Many of us find it easiest to deal with emotions when we have someone to talk to about it all. Learning how to let go of regret is no different. Close friends and family members often have a way of understanding our emotions, so opening up about how regret affects our lives could be all we need to release the emotion.

Learning how to let go of regret, even when it seems hard, can have life-changing results. We’re all human, and learning how to cope with emotions can help us become the best version of ourselves.