5 Ways to Keep Your Kitty Cool in the Summer Heat

When summer arrives, you might need to start thinking about how to keep your feline friend cool when temperatures soar. Just as you would take precautions for yourself against the heat, you need to do the same for your kitty.

Even though cats can be super independent, you need to make sure that you protect them against elements that are out of their paws, like soaring temperatures in the summer. Since cats have a thick layer of fur, it can be difficult for them to regulate their the body temperature, which can lead to illness and heat stroke.

Here are 5 tips to keep your furry friend cool this summer:

1. Hydration

Make sure that your kitty’s water bowl is always full. On warmer days your kitty will drink a lot more to combat the heat, just like you would.

Regulating body temperature can be difficult with a coat of fur like your cat, and they can easily become dehydrated. You can even leave a few bowls around the house if you are going out for the day to ensure there is always a good drink around for your cat.

2. Watch their diet

It is equally important to keep an eye on what your cat is eating. If you’re having a fun summer barbeque, watch out that your cat doesn’t sink his teeth into any of the barbeque food that may be poisonous to his feline stomach.

Make sure that your kitty can’t get his paws on anything with chocolate or any alcohol (which are highly poisonous to cats), as well as large chunks of meat or corn on the cob that can get blocked up in his digestive system.

3. Stay out of the midday sun

 As we all know, at midday the sun is at its hottest, strongest and harshest. Make sure your kitty has plenty of shady spots to nap during the day and try keeping them from napping in the sun at midday if you can.

This is especially important if your cat has a very thin coat, as he can easily get sunburnt. If you want to take extra precaution, ask your local vet about a good pet-friendly sunscreen.

4. A cool play area

Create a cool and entertain space for your cat to hang out. Close the curtains in a room where your cat can nap or play. Kit the room out with some of your cat’s favorite toys, bed, and scratching post. A great idea is to give your kitty some ice cubes to play with, plus it will keep them hydrated too if they like to lick ice cubes.

5. Look out for symptoms

Keep a close eye on your kitty when it is especially hot and watch out for any symptoms that she might be ill or suffering from heat exhaustion. Rapid breathing, glazed eyes, and vomiting are some symptoms to look out for, indicating heat stroke. If you notice any of these symptoms, get your kitty medical attention immediately.