5 Dreamy Products to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for a range of health and beauty benefits. From improving creativity and memory to flawless skin, getting the right amount of sleep is highly beneficial.

Here are five products that will make sure you get the best beauty sleep:

1. NIGHT Pillow

This is the pillow to have to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. This self-adjusting memory foam pillow supports your neck and head like no other pillow ever has. Since it is made up of a more porous memory foam that is lighter and fluffier, it helps air circulate better.

The back pillowcase is made of 95% mulberry silk that is gentle on your hair and skin, ensuring that your beauty sleep leaves you feeling not only rested but beautiful too. The black cover also absorbs light, doubling as an eye mask for a deeper yet more comfortable sleep.

2. Deep Pillow Spray by ThisWorks

A slightly more affordable option for better beauty sleep is this pillow spray by ThisWorks. The combination of lavender and vetiver is soothing and helps you fall asleep faster. This aromatherapeutic super blend will not only help you have a better night’s sleep and reduce anxiety, but it will also give your skin time to repair and detoxify itself.

3. Socks by Barefoot Dreams

You shouldn’t have to rest without the best. Keep your feet cozy in these snuggly socks from Barefoot Dreams. Oprah is known for wearing their robes and has described them as being the softest she has ever felt — like a baby blanket for adults. Need we say more? Available in seven beautiful colors, these socks won’t make your feet overly hot when you sleep, keeping them just warm enough for a great night’s sleep.

4. Eye Mask from ShhhSilk

If you are one for eye masks and feeling totally fancy, then this eye mask from ShhhSilk is the way to go. This beautiful mulberry silk eye mask will ensure a good night’s sleep with its maximum softness. The band also fits perfectly — not too loose and not too tight — solving everyone’s biggest challenge with eye masks. These plush eye masks are not just made of silk but filled with it too, making them extremely comfortable and capable of blocking out even the brightest light for a restful night.

5. Lavender Essential Oil by doTerra

One of the best ways to relax at bedtime is with some lavender essential oil. doTerra’s Lavender Essential Oil is a perfect choice. This oil not only lets your body know its time to snooze, but it contains linalool, a natural chemical that works like an antidepressant to balance your emotions for more restful sleep.

It’s the perfect remedy for a racing mind. Place a few drops of this oil onto your pillow or bedding and even the bottom of your feet to feel its effects. Double up the effects by having a bath with a lavender-scented bath bomb followed by a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on the bottom of your feet or on your pillow just before your head off to bed.