Workouts for Fitness Models Who Want Lean Muscle Mass

There is always much debate around what exercises are best to achieve your fitness goals. Some will say cardio is the way to go, while others swear by strength training alone.

Questions about how to lose belly fat, how to get lean or what the best protein supplement is get thrown around a lot. More often than not, the information available tends to be conflicting.

According to fitness model Tamara Pridgett, her favorite ways to work out include sprinting and weightlifting. Here’s why:


Sprinting is a highly efficient way to build up your lean muscle while at the same time maintaining your existing muscle mass. Most people are led to believe that it is their legs doing all the work when running, but in fact, it is a total-body workout!

During sprints, every single muscle group in your body is working. That includes your core, your arms and your lower body, as they all are activated while you are moving.

Sprinting is also so versatile with endless options for programming. You have the choice of doing long or short distances at top speed or you can go for more of a strength-endurance type of sprint to challenge yourself with 300-meter repeats.

The best part about sprinting is that you only need a good pair of shoes — no other equipment. Plus, you can do it anywhere, from the park or the beach to on a treadmill at home or in the gym.


There is a huge misconception when it comes to weightlifting, with many people regarding it as a workout for bodybuilders. In fact, weightlifting is good for a range of things beyond just building muscle. In addition to making you stronger and faster, weightlifting can help with weight loss, increase bone density and accentuate curves.

Weightlifting complements sprinting and the two together form a powerhouse of workouts. Since you build strength with your weight training, this translates directly into performance on the track with more power and endurance. All the work you put in at the gym will show in your sprints.

If you are interested in starting weightlifting, it will greatly improve your current fitness routine. If you are already doing some weightlifting and want to spice up your workouts, try adding in some power cleans or hex bar deadlifts that will generate power. You could also try some unilateral movements such as single-leg deadlifts, which will help with muscular imbalances that you might have.

How often you train is wholly dependent on your personal goals and abilities. Pridgett currently trains 4-6 times each week. Her workouts include running sessions, strength training and plyometrics sessions.

Mixing up your workouts with sprinting and weightlifting will be the perfect combination of exercises to build the lean muscle mass of a fitness model without being too bulky or weak. Planning 4-6 workouts a week will help to keep you active while you build the right kind of muscle for the look you want.