What Happens When We Stop Exercising For Several Weeks?

There are times in our lives that we need to take a break from working out, but have you ever found yourself wondering what happens when we stop exercising for several weeks? It turns out that it doesn’t take long for your body to start changing as soon as the workouts stop.

After ten days

There are so many reasons that people exercise. Some want to keep fit and healthy, while others love the buzz of a good workout. However, not everyone thinks about the positive benefits that getting up and active can have on our minds. It turns out that just like how exercise can improve our brains, suddenly stopping can have the opposite effect. A study run by Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience discovered that it took just ten days of suddenly no exercise for the body to stop pumping as much blood to major organs, including the mind. This affected several regions of the brain, including the one in charge of learning and memory.

After twelve days

Sadly, it doesn’t take long for our endurance to take a hit as soon as we stop exercising. In 2016, 21 runners agreed to exercise for no longer than two hours a week after training for and running the Boston Marathon. It proved that in four weeks, their hearts stopped pumping as much blood – and oxygen – around their bodies, making it a lot tougher to push themselves. However, older studies show that this could start to take effect in as little as 12 days, meaning athletes can take a major hit to their endurance.

After two weeks

Many of us put a lot of work into sculpting our bodies and working on our fitness. Two weeks away from the gym can’t hurt, right? It’s something many have done when they head on vacation, but this could be all the time it takes for our muscles to forget what they’ve learned and lose their strength. One study suggests that two months of exercising at least three days a week was completely undone in just two weeks of no working out.

After five weeks

The amount we work out determines how much our body changes if we stop exercising for several weeks, especially if we don’t alter our diets to fit with our new lifestyle. One study proved that competitive swimmers had a 12% increase in their body fat and a larger waist after stopping swimming for five weeks. However, the results might not be as prominent in someone who doesn’t work out to the same degree. Whatever the case, it doesn’t take our bodies long to start piling on the pounds and store fat if we suddenly stop working out with no other lifestyle changes.

What happens when we stop exercising for several weeks? It turns out that it doesn’t take long for our body to go back to the way it was before. Even though it can take a long time to build strength and endurance, it appears that it’s not so tough to hit the reset button.