The Ultimate Guide To Gluten Free Snacks

There are many reasons why people remove gluten from their diet. It may be that you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it may be that you have a gluten sensitivity, or it may be due to a dietary change in your life. However, making this change can often seem impossible. There are so many foods in this world that contain gluten, it must be difficult to remove it from your life completely, right? Well, it’s much easier than you might think. You can even enjoy these gluten-free snacks…

Baked cinnamon apple chips

If you’re in need of a sweet fix, you’ll be happy to know that there are so many options available to those who don’t want to add gluten into their diet. One of the most simple-yet-delicious snacks in our repertoire is a bowl of baked cinnamon apple chips. It’s super simple to make these chips, and you can switch them up to suit your tastes. You can add a huge amount of cinnamon, or you could remove the cinnamon entirely. The choice is yours when it comes to these chips because they are delicious however you cook them!

Pepperoni chips

Some of the most delicious gluten-free snacks are also the most simple because it’s all about the taste of the main ingredient. For this pepperoni chips recipe, you really do only need one ingredient. All you have to do is bake these circles in the oven until they are crispy, and then eat them to your heart’s content! They are salty, they are crispy, they are chewy, and they are downright delicious. Just make sure you don’t eat too many at once because they can get pretty addictive.

Vanilla cashew clusters

Many people think that gluten-free snacks aren’t tasty, but we’re here to change that opinion. That’s because there are so many amazing snacks in the world, and vanilla cashew clusters are definitely in that category. This easy recipe requires cashews, sugar, salt, cinnamon, egg whites, and vanilla extract, and all you have to do is mix everything together and then bake in the oven. One of the best things about this recipe is that they can be eaten on their own, or they can be eaten on top of ice cream or yogurt to spice things up a bit.

Caramel popcorn

Sometimes you need a little sweetness in your life, so why not add some caramel popcorn into your life? You’ll be amazed to know that this snack is gluten-free, and this won’t scrimp on taste. All you need for this recipe is a few cups of popcorn kernels, unsalted butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract, salt, and baking soda. Of course, you can change up the flavor of your popcorn if you want, but you just can’t go wrong with caramel.

One of the biggest myths surrounding a gluten-free lifestyle is that snacks are off the menu. However, that just isn’t true! Not only can you chow down on savory snacks that will fill you right up, but you can also have a taste of some of the sweetest snacks the gluten-free world has to offer.