Top Tips From The World’s Best Celebrity Trainers

If you find yourself wondering how you can up your workout routine without having to pay for a personal trainer, then it could be time to learn some of the top tips from the world’s best celebrity trainers instead. After all, if they’re good enough for the stars, then they’re tips are good enough for us, right?

Workout first thing

Exercising in the morning is one way to boost your metabolism. Plus, it can be easy to get your workout over and done with when you wake up before you find excuses to skip exercising. As if that wasn’t enough, working out in the morning can help many to wake up and prepare for the day in their own time.

Don’t get distracted

Do you feel like watching TV while on the cardio machines? It might be time to switch it off and focus on your workout instead, according to celebrity trainers. Many agree that our minds wander and we lose focus on pushing ourselves, meaning we have to work for longer to get anywhere near the same results. That TV time can be a reward at the end of your workout instead.

Mix up your routine

It can be easy to focus on cardio. After all, it’s supposed to burn calories, right? While it is a great component to incorporate into your workout routine, it’s also important to think about strength training, too. It will help to build muscle tone as well as boost your metabolism for many hours after your workout without even trying.

Move every day

If you want to find a way to make exercise a part of your everyday life, then many celebrity trainers think you should try to do a little every day. Most state that doing a little bit every day will have more benefits than doing a lot in one go. Just make sure to set realistic goals for yourself to help avoid feeling overwhelmed by the thought of changing up your routine.

Try interval training

Interval training is a quick way to boost your workout in short, sharp bursts. All you do is push yourself to the limit for a few seconds up to a couple of minutes before returning to your typical pace for a few moments of rest. It’s all about keeping your heart rate up for a shorter workout while getting even more results.

Incorporate yoga

Being healthy isn’t all about pushing your body to the limit. Celebrity trainers agree that it’s also about feeding your soul and strengthening your mind. The best bit? It can also help to destress the mind, strengthen your muscles, and even boost your immune system among other health benefits.

Many celebrity trainers have given their own top tips to help us get on track over the years. However, there are a few that seem to come up time and time again. It might not be as drastic as we first thought. That’s right; a few simple changes could be all it takes.