Top Tips For How To Start Cycling And Improve Your Health

Do you want to amp up your exercise routine? Perhaps you hope to save the planet while still getting out and about? These top tips for how to start cycling and improve your health could be the way to make those changes with ease.

Try hiring a bike in cities

One of the best ways to see if you like cycling is to try hiring a bike in cities. There are plenty of schemes across the world that mean we can grab a bike on the go to get around, saving money and learning the ropes as we go. This means we can give cycling a try without having to invest in a brand new piece of kit.

Consider the type of bike you would like

There are so many different types of bikes on the market, including folding, electric, mountain, and road bikes. If you want to learn how to start cycling, then you might want to consider where you will use your bike the most. Off-road trails are made for mountain bikes, while road bikes are usually better suited for people wheezing around cities. Bike stores typically have plenty of specialists on offer to help you find a bike that suits your position and needs.

Try cycling off-road to gain confidence

It can be pretty stressful to try anything new in front of anyone else. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn how to start cycling in front of the world. Why not take your new bike to a quiet park or on the back streets until you feel a little more confident? If you really want to feel more comfortable, there are also plenty of courses and classes that run across the world to help people feel more at ease with their new bike. We could even meet some new friends along the way, too.

Invest in some new kit

We don’t need to have all the gear and no idea. However, once we have learned how to start cycling, it could be worth investing in some cycling essentials. Ensuring we have waterproofs for those rainy days and some hi-viz to make sure we’re seen are an excellent place to start. Plus, some people find items such as cycling shorts that often come with built-in support and padding more comfortable than everyday clothing.

Start cycling with others

Want to stick to your new cycling routine? Why not start cycling with others? This doesn’t even have to be our friends if they would rather keep their feet on the ground. There are plenty of local groups that cater to all abilities to keep people motivated with their adventure. It might not be long before we have all the motivation and talents of the top cyclists.

Learning how to start cycling and improve our health could be all we need to turn our lives around. As well as giving our hearts a workout, we could help save the planet and some money along the way, all thanks to our new outdoor hobby.