This Is How Much Water You Should Be Drinking A Day – And It Could Be More Than You Think

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to drink water. If you have enough of this in your system, you’ll remain hydrated and help your body stay better regulated. Exactly how much of this stuff are you supposed to drink a day, though? It seems the answer might not be what you thought it was – it could be more.

Why should you drink water?

Whether you’re looking to a health professional, fitness expert, or a blog on the internet, water will always be touted as one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. That’s because drinking this stuff can do so much good for your body, from flushing out bacteria to helping you digest food. It also keeps your heartbeat and blood pressure stable, boosts your energy levels, strengthens brain function, and looks after your organs and muscles. Plus, your chances of losing weight and having clearer skin are much higher when water’s a consistent presence in your diet. With so many health benefits at your disposal, why wouldn’t you want to drink water? Of course, you only get to reap these awards if you drink enough of the stuff. So…

How much water should you drink?

The right amount of water for your body differs depending on your gender. For men, the recommended intake is around 3.7 liters, while for women, it’s lower at 2.7 liters. That translates to roughly 15.5 cups and 11.5 cups per day, respectively. This probably seems like quite a significant amount of liquid to put in your body every 24 hours. However, you apparently need to drink so much because of how much you lose throughout the day. Every time you use the bathroom, sweat, or even breathe, your body’s fluid supply drops. To ensure you don’t lose so much that you become dehydrated, you need to keep giving your body more water.

What ways can you increase water intake?

It’s easy to tell yourself you need to drink so many cups of water a day, but putting it into action can be pretty challenging. It can start to feel more like a chore, which may make you overlook the benefits and give up on trying to drink enough water. To ensure this doesn’t happen, there are a few things you can do. This includes setting a daily goal and steadily building up until you hit your recommended intake. That way, you get increasingly used to drinking water throughout the day, rather than going all-in from the very beginning. Investing in a reusable bottle can help with this, as it’s something you can fill up and then have by your side at all times. Using fruit to add more taste to your drinks can also help make them more palatable. Plus, eating things like cucumber and celery, which contain a lot of water, can save you from having to drink all those liters.

Drinking enough water every day might seem like an uphill battle, but it’s worth it for all the benefits you’ll receive.