These Are The Best Fun Sports That Could Also Get Us Fit

Not a fan of going to the gym? Don’t worry; you’re far from alone there. Thankfully, you don’t need to force yourself to go there several times a week if you want to get fit and healthy. There are plenty of great sports that you can take up to achieve the same outcome with the added bonus of being fun.

Road cycling

Any activity that involves spending money on equipment might initially put you off. However, while a decent bike comes with a price tag, the benefits are well worth the cost. Cycling is excellent for improving your fitness while also helping strengthen your legs quite significantly. If you choose to cycle out in the world rather than at the gym, you also have the benefit of getting to explore what’s around you. It’s an excellent way to get more fresh air and potentially discover things near or far that you never knew were there.


With squash being a pretty fast-paced game, it might seem a bit overwhelming for a newbie. However, if you slow things down initially, it doesn’t take long to get to grips with everything. Then, you’ll be able to speed things up and really get lost in the joy of the sport. You’ll also likely see your speed, endurance, and balance increase, with muscle strength occurring all over your body. From your back and shoulders to your glutes and hamstrings, squash is an entire workout without you needing to lift any weights.


Exercising and being outdoors usually make for a great combination. Canoeing is proof of that because it combines the fun of being on the water and experiencing nature with getting a good workout in. It’s not always as easy as it looks to control where you’re going in a canoe, which is why this sport is so good for improving muscle endurance and strength. By the time you truly get the hang of it, you’ll feel much stronger than you did at the start. The same goes for similar watersport activities like kayaking and rowing.


There’s not much you need to learn to understand tennis, making it a very accessible sport. Sure, you’ll need plenty of practice and an insight into the best techniques if you want to take your skills to the next level. However, tennis is a brilliant option if you’re just after something casual with a slight competitive edge. The constant back and forth can help with your cardiovascular health, along with strengthening muscles throughout your body. Plus, if you have a friend that wants to get fit too, this is the perfect activity to do together. Well, provided neither of you gets too competitive when you’re playing against each other.

For exercise to be effective, it needs to be something you enjoy. That way, you feel motivated to do it several times a week and can reap all the benefits of being active. With any luck, one of these sports will speak to you so much that it becomes one of your great passions in life.