These Are All the Places Streaming Live Workout Sessions to Your TV or Phone

Gyms have closed up shop, sports centers are like ghost towns, and more and more people are finding the pull of their couch to be even more enticing. However, just because you can’t leave your house to head to the gym doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising altogether. You could head out to your local park for a run with just your podcast for company, or you could take part in a live workout in the comfort of your own home. There are countless online offerings that can be streamed straight to your phone, so you really don’t have any excuse.

Camp Fit

If lockdown has got you a little bored, then it might be time to spice up your life with a few live workout sessions with Camp Fit. This retro dance aerobics class is everything that you could possibly want from a workout and more, and that’s all thanks to the incredible instructor and his awesome dance moves. These 40-minute classes may seem like they’re long, but once you’re in the groove, they’ll be over in no time – and you won’t even realize you’ve been exercising.

The Body Coach

Whether you want to get moving yourself, or whether you want to give your kids a break from homeschooling, then Joe Wicks has definitely got your back. This English fitness fanatic has been rocking the world with his HIIT sessions for many years now, but he has taken this lockdown period to get people even more in the mood for a workout. From adult sessions to his famous P.E. with Joe sessions, they’re high intensity and low impact, and you don’t need any equipment. This means that you can work out with ease in your living room.


Do you love boxing? Do you love to exercise? Well, Rumble mixes these two things into one epic workout class. Hailing from the U.S., this live workout session is perfect for beginners and experts alike, because the instructors make sure that everyone getting involved knows what they are doing and are able to complete the moves safely. Plus, everyone needs to let out a little aggression every now and then, and punching the air is one of the best ways to do this, right? We thought so.

Spin Stream

Peloton is a great addition to your workout routines, but there’s no doubt about the fact that a subscription to Peloton is extremely expensive. So, why not opt for something that’s free instead? Spin Stream is available to anyone who has an exercise bike, and all you have to do is place your phone in front of you and spin your heart out. There are daily classes making their way online, and you can even catch up on those that you missed. The music is always pretty hardcore, so you’ll definitely get into the exercising mood during this workout.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated while at home, then it’s time to whip out your phone and take part in these live workout sessions. You won’t regret it.