These Anxiety-Reducing Crystals Will Make You Feel Zen In No Time

Let’s be honest; the world can be a pretty stressful place. It doesn’t take much for all of this stress and anxiety to become extremely overwhelming, and sometimes people just don’t know how to cope with this sudden onslaught of physical and mental symptoms. Whether you are going through a particularly anxiety-inducing point in your life, or whether you struggle with anxiety on a regular basis, you’ll be happy to know that there are ways to cope with these feelings without having to speak to your doctor. In fact, these anxiety-reducing crystals will make you feel zen in no time.


Dealing with anxious thoughts and a mind that just won’t switch off can seriously affect your sleeping pattern, and a lack of sleep can make your anxiety even worse. Because of this, it’s important that you try and sleep as much as you possibly can – and selenite should be able to help you with that. Often considered to be one of the purest and most powerful crystals on this planet, selenite is even used to clean other crystals! By placing it beside your bed when you want to sleep, it should allow you to banish your negative thoughts and sleep tight.

Tiger’s Eye

If you struggle with negative thoughts and just can’t seem to turn off the self-deprecating part of your brain, it may be that you need to invest in some Tiger’s Eye. This is a rather mysterious crystal that is less common than others on the list, but people swear by its amazing properties. That’s because this crystal is all about turning your fear into courage and switching off the part of your brain that induces negative thoughts. A Tiger’s Eye should immediately relieve you of your anxiety, and it’s also a stunning crystal to boot.


Amethyst is one of the most beautiful crystals that this world has to offer, and it’s also one of the most well-known. Most people have seen one of these before, and they can be found in various different forms, from small necklaces to giant geodes. Of course, there’s a reason why amethyst is so popular, as it’s one of the most calming crystals out there. It’s said to remove all of the negative energy from the air and allows you to focus on your spiritual awareness and finding inner peace – which is what many people with anxiety need.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most unusual crystals on this list, and while the black color puts many people off buying it, the qualities it possesses makes up for its dark and moody exterior. That’s because this crystal supposedly helps to protect you from negative energy – specifically in your workplace environment. So, if it’s work that is causing your stress and anxiety, placing a chunk of black tourmaline on your desk should help you out.

If you’re finding the world and all of the anxiety within it to be too much, it might be time to give these crystals a go.