The Top 7 Health Benefits That Come From Swimming

There are so many times in our lives that many of us want to head for a swim. Did you know there could be plenty of health benefits from the sport, too? That’s right; swimming might be even better for us than we ever realized.

Reduce the risk of a musculoskeletal injury

One of the sad things that often comes with exercise is getting a musculoskeletal injury, such as bruises, fractures, and contusions. This can make many sports high-risk. Not swimming. Being in the water means that it’s considered a low-impact exercise, even though we have to put all of our muscles to use to stay afloat.

Enjoy a sense of achievement

Sadly, it seems many people believe swimming is something they’ll never achieve. After all, humans don’t know how to breathe underwater. That’s why the sport can have a positive impact on our mental health, as when we manage to pull off our latest swim, our minds start to realize that a lot is possible.

Lower the chance of respiratory infection

Cold-weather swimming doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, if you want all the health benefits that come with swimming and a lower chance of contracting a respiratory infection, then it might be time to give it a try. That’s because several studies have shown there’s a link between the two. However, cold-weather swimming should be reserved for physically fit athletes.

Improve body composition

One of the most apparent health benefits that come with swimming is improved body composition. This is reducing the amount of fat in our bodies compared to muscles, something that can have plenty of physical and mental benefits in the long run. In fact, even losing a few pounds of fat can be enough to reduce several illnesses.

Work on self-reliance

Swimming isn’t just about moving our arms and legs and hoping to stay above the surface. It also requires us to learn how not to fight the water and instead work with it to keep safe. All of this can be enough to teach our brains to start trusting in ourselves a little more with a bit of practice.

Lower blood pressure

There have been a handful of studies that show just how much good swimming might do for our entire body, especially when it comes to our heart health. All of that exercise could be just the thing we need to lower our blood pressure. A lot of this appears to be linked to improved heart health.

Improve health perception

Did you know that the way we perceive our health has a major impact on how we look after our bodies? That’s right; a study showed that middle-aged women started to look after themselves better after taking part in swimming as they began to change their views on health.

It turns out there are plenty of health benefits when it comes to swimming. In fact, the sport can be a huge improvement on our mental and physical lives in ways that many of us never realized were possible.