The Best Sciatica Stretches To Help Relieve Pain

If you’ve ever had sciatica, you probably know better than most people that it can be a pain unlike anything else in the world. Whether it’s a new ailment or a long-term condition, many often feel they would do anything to make it go away. Thankfully, the best sciatica stretches to help relieve pain could be all you need.

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The cobra stretch

Want something to stretch your entire back, shoulders, and hips? You might need the cobra stretch. This is one of the easier sciatica stretches to relieve pain and can be done just about anywhere. Lie on your front and place your hands under your shoulders. While exhaling, push your shoulders off the floor while keeping your hips and legs lowered. This can be done multiple times for a few seconds each to get the most from this sciatica stretch.

The elevated plank

Did you know that planking is often considered the best exercise for strengthening your core muscles? This, in turn, can help to support your sciatic nerve and relieve pain. However, if a full plank is too much, you might want to try an elevated plank instead. It works the same as the one on the floor, but it involves having your hands on something like a chair or sturdy box to support your weight.

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The full plank

If you can hold this pose, then getting into a full plank might be one of the best ways to help your sciatic pain. Start by getting onto your forearms and knees before extending your legs behind you while keeping on tiptoes. Just be sure with the plank that you feel the work in your core and never your shoulders or back. If you do, stop immediately to ensure you don’t do any further damage.

The lying figure four stretch

The lying figure four stretch is one of the more complex sciatica stretches but is excellent for any back pain. Start by lying on your back. Then, cross one foot over the opposite knee and raise them both off the floor. Pull the back of the thigh with the right-angle knee toward your chest and hold the pose for 45 seconds before switching sides. You should feel the muscles in your back start to loosen by the end.

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The standing hamstring stretch

Sciatica doesn’t just affect someone’s back – it can travel all down either one of their legs, too. The standing hamstring stretch is one of the best sciatica stretches to relieve pain in these muscles and is so simple to do. Simply put one leg ahead of the other before hinging at the hips and bending forward slightly. Lift your toes off the floor to feel a stretch down the back of your entire leg.

Sciatic pain can often feel like something that will never leave and forever cripple our lives. However, learning the best sciatica stretches should mean we understand how to cope with the discomfort when it flares up, leading to a lot less pain in the long run.