How to Tell If the Products You Are Using Are Damaging Your Hair

The health and beauty industry is huge and growing bigger by the day. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes its money by convincing us that we need the products that it manufactures.

But sometimes these products can do more harm than good. And in many cases, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to these products. Here are some ways to tell whether or not the products you are using are damaging your hair.

Your Hair Feels Dry and Brittle

Your hair should naturally be soft and flexible. Dry and brittle hair is a sign of damage, and this can be caused when the products you are using begin to dry out your hair rather than help keep its natural moisture intact within the fibers.

Signs of dry and brittle hair are split ends, untamable frizz (even when the weather is dry) and hair that easily breaks while brushing it.

Your Scalp Is Itchy

As we all know, dry skin can lead to itchiness. It’s the same with your scalp. If your scalp is constantly itchy, it can be a sign that your shampoo or hair products are drying out the skin on your scalp.

This is not only irritating — since no one likes to spend their time scratching their head — but it can also lead to other problems like a flaky scalp or dandruff.

Your Hair Has More Electricity in It Than the Wall Socket

Static hair can be a real pain, and although it comes with having fine hair, it can also be a sign that your hair products are drying out your hair. As mentioned above, dry hair can come with so many other problems.

If your hair care products are not providing enough moisture, they can cause your hair to become static — especially in dry weather conditions. It’s good to make sure that your shampoo or hair products are providing enough moisture to your hair.

Every Day Is a Bad Hair Day

Do you find that you just can’t manage your hair? Do you end up just tying it in a ponytail every day so as to avoid spending hours with the curling iron or hair straightener only to have your hair come out looking worse than it did when you started? You need to re-evaluate your hair products.

If the products you are using don’t agree with your hair, then your hair will become unmanageable and hard to tame. This adds so much frustration and extra time to your daily routine.

There Is More Hair in Your Comb Than on Your Head

Hair falling off can be caused by many things. But if you know that you are in good health and stress-free and still finding more hair in your brush or comb on a daily basis, you might need to take a look at changing your hair care products.