Swap Your Favorite Snacks With These Delicious Healthier Options Instead

The main reason most people hate dieting is that they don’t like giving up on their favorite foods. Usually, it’s the things we love the most that are the least healthy, which means that parting ways with them is essential to losing weight. That’s usually easier said than done, though, especially when they’re just so darn tasty. Fortunately, if you’re struggling to give up the good stuff, then don’t fear. There are actually some amazingly healthy alternatives that are just as tasty but not so deadly for your body.

Black bean brownies

When you think about making brownies, your intentions probably aren’t healthy. However, there’s no reason that this snack can’t be good for you, you just have to ensure you’re using the right ingredients. That’s why it’s great to bake them with black beans.

It might not be your ingredient of choice, but it’s great for filling you up and keeping you on track with your diet. Plus, if you use the right amount of cocoa powder and chocolate, you won’t even notice they’re there. However, that’s not an excuse to fill the bowl to the brim with chocolate!

Kale chips

We know that putting a vegetable in place of that potatoey goodness is never going to sound appealing, but kale chips are much more satisfying than you might think. They still have that great crunch that makes potato chips a joy to eat, only with less of the fat. You can also flavor these chips by baking them with the right ingredients, like sea salt and vinegar for… well, it’s pretty obvious.

Chocolate-covered bananas

Not only is this snack devilishly tasty, but it also takes no time to make at all. All you need is some dark chocolate and bananas, and you’re good to go. Just dip the latter into a bowl of melted chocolate then leave them in the freezer for a few hours. They make a great replacement to ice cream and still count as a frozen treat.

When buying the chocolate, make a note of how high a percentage it is. You want to go for something as strong as possible to ensure it’s not unhealthy, so the higher, the better.

Oatmeal cookies

When it comes to snacks, you usually just have to adjust the ingredients here and there to make them healthier. If they’re homemade, they’re already much better than store-bought treats because you’re not adding in things like preservatives.

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy munching on a few cookies every day, why not make ones with rolled oats? Add some whole wheat flour to the mix to make it that extra bit healthier, and you’re onto a winner. Just try not to eat them all at once when they come out of the oven.

Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up on eating delicious food for the rest of your life. In fact, that kind of mindset is exactly why people tend to give up on diets so quickly. You just need to find healthier alternatives that work for you and adapt your eating habits around them.