Why Skip Rope Is One Of The Best Exercises You Can Do

If you think back to your childhood, there’s a high chance that you used to spend hours on the sidewalk with your jump rope in hand. Whether you jumped by yourself or whether you got your friends involved to create your own epic game, you probably didn’t realize that this same jump rope would come in pretty handy later on in life. Yes, skip ropes have become extremely popular in the past few years, and even elite athletes add this exercise to their regime to make sure they are in top shape. This is why skip rope is one of the best exercises you can do.

It improves agility and speed

If you’ve seen professional boxers add jump rope into their pre-game training, then you’ll know that jump rope definitely helps to improve your agility and speed. Many people want to feel as though they are lighter on their feet, and others want to improve their reaction times. Because jump rope can be extremely quick, practicing this on a regular basis can help you do just that. When completing this exercise, your body is forced to connect with your mind of a quicker and more intense level, and this pays off in the end.

It helps your brain function

As previously noted, jump rope requires you to link up with your brain quicker than you normally would – and this is hugely beneficial to you. To avoid getting caught in the rope, your brain needs to make sure that it’s moving your body in time, and it’s this brain training that will ultimately pay off in the end. This can then help you with other aspects of your life, including any educational studies, memory, coordination, and strategy. In the end, you will notice huge changes in your mental and physical health. The more you practice, the more you’ll see and experience results. What could be better than that?

It quickly burns calories

Many people make their way to the gym and work on the machines until they know that they’ve burned a specific amount of calories. However, there are many exercises in this world that burn very few calories – even though you may be sweating profusely by the end of your workout. Well, you’ll be happy to know that jump rope burns calories extremely quickly. It’s believed that a moderate skip will help you burn a whopping 16 calories a minute! In fact, Science Daily have suggested that spending ten minutes of your day skipping rope is the same as running a mile in eight minutes.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s fair to say that jumping rope is pretty fun. So, why wouldn’t you want to include a fun exercise to your regime? Not only will you enjoy your time in the gym or in your backyard, but you will also get to experience some serious benefits in the process. It’s probably time to dig your jump rope out of the attic now…