Simple Ways To Keep Moving Throughout The Work Day

As nice as sitting down is, being inactive for too much of the day is bad for your body and health. It’s important to try and keep moving when you can to avoid these issues. Of course, that’s usually easier said than done when you work a busy office job. Thankfully, there are simple ways to keep moving through the work day that won’t interfere with your other responsibilities.

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Do some simple exercises while you’re working at your desk

Even when you’re at your desk working, it’s still possible to keep active. That’s because there are some exercises you can do while you’re working. These include clenching your abs and raising and lowering your legs. You can combine these with some simple desk stretches to keep yourself limbered up and active during the work day. That way, you don’t have to worry when you can’t afford to put your work on pause.

Take short exercise breaks to keep moving throughout the work day

No matter how busy you might be, it’s essential that you take regular breaks at work. These don’t have to be long, just enough for you to reap the benefits of having a brief rest. During this time away from work, you can keep active by stretching at your desk, walking around the office, or whatever else will get the blood pumping. A few of these exercise breaks throughout the day ought to work wonders for you.

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Walkings meetings are one of the simple ways to keep moving throughout the work day

If you’re someone who has meetings regularly at work, you could be sitting on a perfect opportunity to keep moving throughout the work day. If these meetings are one-on-one or with small groups, why not move them outdoors? Walking meetings are an efficient way of keeping productive while also getting some steps in. Plus, they’re a great way to stay active if you hate working out.

Try pacing when on the phone or talking to your colleagues

Pacing isn’t something that people tend to do unless they’re anxious. However, you might want to consider doing it more often if you’re looking for simple ways to keep moving throughout the day. Start incorporating it into some of your daily activities, like talking on the phone or speaking to colleagues. You might be amazed by how many steps you rack up simply by doing this stuff on your feet.

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Take the stairs to keep moving throughout the work day

If your office is up a flight of stairs, you have the perfect opportunity to keep moving throughout the work day. Taking these instead of using an elevator will get the blood pumping and give you a miniature workout at the start of the day. If you go up and down these whenever you take your exercise breaks, you’ll reap tons of benefits and won’t have to worry about being inactive when you’re at your desk.

By employing some simple ways to keep moving throughout the day, you’ll do your body tons of good without harming your productivity.