Simple Ways To Enjoy A Healthier Plate At Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. The day is a great time to spend our time with loved ones, but it can lead many of us into a downward spiral as we try to learn how to stick to our health goals. Thankfully, the simple ways to enjoy a healthier plate at Thanksgiving mean we can have our turkey and eat it too.

Don’t skip meals to leave room for Thanksgiving dinner

One thing plenty of people fall into the trap of each Thanksgiving is skipping meals throughout the day to try and “leave room” for the big event. Sadly, this can cause our blood sugar to drop, meaning it’s more likely that we’ll overindulge when we finally let loose and start eating. Instead, try to eat a balanced breakfast to start your day off well. If you’re used to having a healthy snack mid-morning, don’t worry about skipping it. This can help to avoid going all-out by the time Thanksgiving dinner is served.

Try to curb your sugar intake for the day

Thanksgiving is filled with so many delicious options for the day, including plenty of delicious desserts. While there is no harm in keeping balance and having a slice of pie at the end of a meal, we don’t need to spend the day eating everything and anything sugary. Giving in to too many cravings can lead to sugar cravings throughout the day, which can be tough to stop once we start.

Homemade options are usually the better choices
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Homemade options are usually the better choices

Want to keep things healthy while still enjoying all your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Try to opt for homemade dishes instead of store-bought meals. That’s because those from the store often come filled with sugars and extra fat to add extra taste. Thankfully, with so many homemade recipes out there in the world, we can make our own alternatives instead of relying on prepared dishes.

Bring your own meal to Thanksgiving

If you’re really worried about not sticking to your healthy plan at Thanksgiving, why not bring your own meal? After all, the day isn’t all about the meal; it’s about spending time with loved ones. We can do this by portioning out the food we want to eat for the day and sticking to our plate over picking at food on the table until we can’t eat another bite. Even something simple like bringing your own drinks instead of relying on what the host has to offer can keep things more balanced.

Balance the food on your plate
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Balance the food on your plate

Many of us have learned about how to eat a balanced plate, and there’s no reason that should go out the window by the time Thanksgiving comes around. It’s all about portioning out enough fresh vegetables on our plates with things like sweet treats and salty foods to keep things balanced and healthy.

The simple ways to enjoy a healthier plate at Thanksgiving don’t mean we have to miss out on our favorite treats. Instead, it’s all about keeping things balanced and planning ahead to ensure we don’t overdo it.