Simple Stretches For Anyone Stuck At Their Desk All Day

Millions of us find ourselves chained to our desk all day long. Sure, we know the importance of getting up and keeping active, but we don’t all have the time to head for a run in our lunch hour. Sound familiar? These are some simple stretches for anyone stuck at their desk all day.

Twist your spine

Many people stuck at their desk find their back hurts by the end of the day. If that sounds about right, you might want to twist your spine. Keep your feet flat on the floor, and your abs pulled in tight. Then, gently turn your upper body to one side, using the armrest to hold the pose for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side for full effect.

Stretch your chest

Move your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers. Then, keep your arms straight and look toward the sky. Finally, gently lift your arms toward the ceiling until you start to feel a slight stretch in your chest. This stretch can be done either seated or standing, making it a great choice if you can’t get away from your desk.

Move your neck

Many of us carry a lot of tension in our neck. This simple stretch can be done at your desk as you only need an office chair. Grab the bottom right-hand side of your chair with your right hand and gently tilt your neck to the left. You should quickly feel it stretching from your neck to your shoulder. Hold the pose for a few seconds before swapping sides.

Flex your hips

It’s not just our backs that suffer from being stuck at our desk. Our hips can also often feel a little tight at the end of the day. Get into an almost lunge position, but keep your back leg straight as you bend your knees until you feel a stretch in your hip. You can even put your leg onto something high, like a chair, to get an even deeper stretch.

Stretch your forearms

This is an effortless stretch to relieve any tension in your forearm. Stretch one arm out in front of you, palm facing down. Then, use your other hand to pull your fingers back gently. As well as stretching your forearm, this pose will also help relieve any stiffness in your hands.

Relieve your inner thighs

Our inner thighs go through a lot after sitting at a desk all day. You can do this stretch throughout the day at your desk or wait until you’re at home. Sit on the floor with your legs bent and the bottom of your feet together. Finally, push your knees down toward the ground, like a butterfly opening its wings. Hold the pose for a few moments before relaxing.

The best thing about these simple stretches for anyone stuck at their desk all day? They can quickly fit into your working routine, making the day a lot more comfortable to deal with as you’re hard at work.