Recent Scientific Proof Shows That Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women Do

According to scientists, men tend to lose weight faster than women because of their body build and how they store fat. If you’re a woman and try to have a weight loss competition with a man, you’re likely to face this harsh reality.

New research also suggests that when men lose weight, they also get more benefits than when women shed those excess pounds.

When men carry excess weight, it’s usually what’s known as visceral fat because most of it is in their midsection. When men shed their visceral fat, this boosts their metabolism and helps them burn calories. If you look at it from a fat loss point of view, it’s a win-win situation!

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for women. The reason for this is that when women carry excess weight, it’s subcutaneous fat and is usually found on their butt, thighs and hips. Women need this fat for menstruation and childbearing. However, losing this fat doesn’t affect the health of their metabolism.

What’s the reason for this?

The main reason for this difference lies in the build of men and women. Physiologically speaking, men naturally burn fat faster. This is because their metabolic rate is significantly higher and they tend to have more lean muscle mass compared to women.

The more lean muscle mass a man has, the more calories his body can burn. Also, because men have a higher metabolic rate, their bodies require more calories every day so that they can achieve their metabolism’s resting rate.

This may seem unfair to women, but these are the facts. So even if a man and woman follow the same diet and consume equal amounts of food, the man will be able to burn the calories quicker than the woman.

This, in turn, would lead to faster weight loss for the man. Furthermore, if the man has a lot of lean muscle mass, the woman would be at a huge disadvantage.

Weight loss is good for everyone

Despite these facts, women shouldn’t feel discouraged. Even though men naturally lose weight faster, they can still do some things to put the odds in their favor. And when you think about it, weight loss is always beneficial — especially for obese people or those who have health issues because of their weight.

All the health benefits of losing weight outweigh all the negative aspects. For one, when a woman sheds the excess weight, her bad cholesterol levels may go down as well. This is highly beneficial, as it may help prevent medical conditions that are commonly associated with high levels of bad cholesterol.

To lose weight faster, women can try weight-bearing exercises such as lifting weights. Such exercises can help women increase their lean muscle mass, which can help give their metabolism a boost as well.

Also, exercising regularly can help strengthen their bones and increase their levels of good cholesterol. Although being a woman comes with a lot of advantages, losing weight quickly isn’t one of them. But with a few extra steps, women can achieve the results they desire too.