Quick And Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love Every Morning

Whether you’re choosing to eat a plant-based diet for ethical reasons or whether you just want to avoid certain ingredients, there’s no doubt about the fact that vegan cooking has become more popular over the past few years. With more people eating and cooking plant-based dishes, there are more recipes making their way into the world. While some of these recipes require a huge amount of time and energy, there are others that are quick and easy – especially when it comes to breakfast.

Coconut pancakes

The best thing about these coconut pancakes? They’re not only vegan, but they are also gluten-free! For this recipe, you’ll need rice flour, baking powder, cinnamon, egg replacer, water, unsweetened coconut milk, and shredded coconut. The method couldn’t be simpler, as you just have to mix all of the ingredients together to create a mix that you can then cook in a pan. Although most people think you need a huge amount of time to cook pancakes, they can be ready in just a few minutes.

Vanilla latte smoothie

If you’re the kind of person that struggles to eat breakfast in the morning because you find it stodgy and too filling, smoothies may become your new best friends. While you can make smoothies with everything from fruit to vegetables, you could also give yourself a little caffeine boost with this vanilla latte smoothie. As long as you have non-dairy milk, Medjool dates, almond butter, vanilla powder, a cooled espresso shot, ice cubes, and optional maple syrup and cacao nibs in your pantry, you just need to shove these ingredients into a blender and give it a whirl.

Tofu and spinach scramble

Tofu is one of the best ingredients that a vegan can have in their kitchen, because it can be cooked in so many ways and used for every meal of the day. In fact, it’s a great egg replacement if you want to cook something like scrambled eggs in the morning. For this recipe, you can get creative with your own tastes. While this dish tastes delicious on top of toast, you can add ingredients here and there if you want to. For example, you can coat your tofu scramble with chili or turmeric, and you can even add tomatoes alongside your spinach if you want to.

Cinnamon butter and breakfast fig toast

If you really love to eat something sweet in the morning, then you’ll probably love this cinnamon butter and breakfast fig toast recipe. Cinnamon butter is pretty easy to make, and you can use it on anything you desire once you’ve made a whole pot of it. All you need is some plant-based butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Then, you just need to spread it on the toast of your choice, while then piling fig rounds onto the top. To finish, sprinkle a little salt.

Plant-based cooking doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. There are so many breakfast recipes that you can make in the morning, and they will all put a smile on your face.