Not Losing Weight? This Might Be Why

Whether you think you’re overweight or whether you just want to lose a few pounds, there’s no doubt about the fact that many people in this world want to lose weight. They diet, they spend more time at the gym than they do in the office, and they do everything they can to drop a few dress sizes. However, nothing happens. While diet and exercise does play a big role in your quest to lose weight, that’s not all it takes. There are so many reasons why you might not be losing weight, so it might be time to evaluate where you’re going wrong.

You don’t have a consistent sleep schedule

Everyone loves sleep, right? Well, although most people wish that they would get at least eight hours a night, it can often be a struggle to do that. With work, stress, and all kinds of adult responsibilities looming over you, many people are lucky to grab a few hours of wink each day. However, it’s important to ensure that you have enough time to unwind and sleep – because this may be why you’re not losing weight. In fact, researchers have found that those with can’t stick to a consistent sleep schedule normally have higher BMIs than those who do.

Your dishes are too big

It may seem pretty simple, but the bigger the dish, the more food you put on it to fill it up. It can often be hard to see empty space when you whip up your evening meal, and many people feel that this is an indicator that they are not giving themselves enough nourishment to survive. Yet, one trip to the homeware store will tell you that dishes come in all shapes and sizes, and if you have bigger dishes, you’re more likely to eat bigger portions. These portions can ultimately offset any diet or exercise you’re doing.

You aren’t eating enough good fats

Although most people associate fatty foods with putting on weight, that just isn’t the case. Fats are essential to a healthy diet, but we’re not talking about the fats found in takeout and burgers. Instead, healthy fats can be found in the likes of avocados and cashew nuts. These fats help you feel full and help your body make the most of the energy released, and this can ultimately help you cut down on your portion sizes and lose weight. Without them, you’re more likely to eat more to feel full.

Your kitchen counters are all wrong

What do you have on your kitchen counters right now? Do you have bottles of soda? Boxes of cereal? A basket of fruit? Those who put unhealthy treats away in the cupboard and keep healthy snacks on their kitchen counters are way more likely to lose weight than not. After all, we all know that if there’s a candy bar on the side it’s going to be almost impossible to ignore it.

Are you struggling to lose weight? There are so many reasons why this may be.