The Negative Impact Of Comparing Yourself To Others

Why do we tend to compare ourselves with others?

Oh, I So Wish I Had Her Fingerprints! 

“Just compare them to mine!”

Admiration indeed! Listening to some people talk like this makes me want to commit a crime.

“They are just so perfect and seamless and, wow, look how they twirl in the middle. And as for that little knot at the top. They are picture perfect in comparison to mine”.

Hello out there?  You cannot compare fingerprints, just as you can’t compare apples with pears!

Why do we compare ourselves with others when statistically it is not possible?

What Are They Trying to Say – Look at Me, Look at Me? Compare Yourself to Me! 

Friends on Facebook?  Sometimes, folks I believe that this is a bit of an oxymoron. (No, not the ones who won Best Ox Face at university). Why do people post where they are in the world? Next time I get one of those, I am going to rock the boat and fake a post (so wish you could do this), telling the world that I am sitting in the first class lounge in Hong Kong airport and sipping a glass of Veuve! On my way to purchase my Louis Vuitton handbag- a brown one, as opposed to the red, yellow and green ones I already have.


 I am on a trip around the world and you dear mortals are working at your grubby little desks, sweating over your boring 9 to 5 job and going home to your shabby little hut (not on the beach), to your grumpy husband who doesn’t look like George Clooney.

Ha Ha, you little wretches.  May your jealousy eat away at your inner core and spit out the bitter pips. My Adonis and I will send the next GPS as soon as we get there.  Post on Facebook – “Weather fabulous, glad you are not here!”



I Detest Some of My Best Friends.

They are cleverer, thinner, prettier, have fewer wrinkles. Their children are perfect and their husbands have an account at the florist.

People – you know those ones who are highly esteemed – will tell you never to compare yourself with others!  Really, how can you possibly not do that? Are you from the Super Moon? Ever really wanted to go to that borstal of a school reunion?  No thanks.  To get a certificate saying you passed the “Mutual Respect Club”?

The only thing that would get me to take up this golden opportunity is to be able to compare myself with others of my class who didn’t quite crack it in life.  What value that would be.  Self-esteem rockets to Mars.


I Jest – My Self-Esteem Is at Rock Bottom! But I Am Working On It.

If you find yourself saying: “Yes, I have thought these same thoughts often about my friends”, then you are in a bad space my dears. Stop this immediately.

Why do we put ourselves on the comparison podium?  Life is not an Olympic sport- there are no gold medals handed out at the end?  You are in charge; you hand out the gold medals only to yourself.

 I am beginning to change.  It has taken a long time.

My mantra is now:

  • Don’t compare yourself with others’ accomplishments- you will lose the battle.
  • Comparing yourself to others will take you down to rock bottom – so draw a line and don’t go further.
  • Just like your fingerprints, you are unique and cannot be identical to anyone else. Celebrate your uniqueness.
  • Be aware of your inner voice talking “comparison speaks”. Knock it on the head and change the tone to “positive perspective”.
  • Enjoy your achievements and also those of your friends and peers.  You will love yourself for this. It is like laughter, the more you practice, the better you become.
  • Compare yourself only with yourself.  Ask yourself: “Am I a better person than I was yesterday?”
  • Put this saying on your mirror:  Comparison is the thief of happiness.