Meditation Apps That Will Help You Feel Healthier And Happier

Do you ever feel like everything is bundling on top of you, and you just have no way out? Well, you’re not alone. Life can be pretty daunting sometimes, but instead of letting this stuff get on top of you, you need to learn how you can push against it and fight against what’s pushing you down. Although everyone has their own way of doing this, there are many people who find solace in meditation. If you don’t know where to start with meditation, you don’t need to worry.


Calm is perhaps one of the most famous meditation apps in the world, and it has helped millions of people with their mental health over the years. The initial app is free, but you can pay a little extra for in-app purchases if you want to. However, the free app has more than enough to help you gain more control over your thoughts and your life. It offers guided meditation for various different time lengths, and also offers soothing sounds and images.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Many meditation apps are the driving force behind your meditation, but Stop, Breathe & Think wants you to be in charge of your own journey. Because of this, it will ask you to check in each day and rate how well you believe your mind and body are on that day. From there, you can choose your next path, and whether you want to go on a long guided meditation, or whether you just want to do a quick yoga session. Everything is tailored to you.


Although Headspace only launched nine years ago, it has been able to change millions of peoples’ lives with their meditation software. That’s because this app sets out a simple and easy method to meditation, and allow its users to progress at their own pace. You can take part in breathing exercises, you can take part in guided meditation, and you can even log how you are feeling on that particular day.

10% Happier

If you’ve always felt a little skeptical about meditation, then 10% happier will be the app for you. Instead of offering floaty and often nonsensical advice, this app is created for “fidgety skeptics” who want a no-nonsense way to control their thoughts and feelings. It’s geared to sharpen the brains of those who use the app, rather than ask users to find their inner peace and understand their souls. The best part is that this meditation app teaches you everything you need to know in one week.

Insight Timer

If you want to give your mind a bit of a whir while also meditating, Insight Timer has it all. This app is more like meditation social media, as you can track and communicate with those who are meditating near you. You can check out statistics, and you can even invite your friends to join your meditation session. This app is for those who are confident and happy with their meditation process and want to progress further.

If you’re looking to meditate, these apps will become your newest mediation partner.