Keeping Your Focus on the Treadmill

When the weather throws high summer heat or freezing winter snow at you, the motivation to get out on the road to run is very low. The obvious answer is to run on your treadmill in air-conditioned comfort. But as anyone who has regularly worked out on a treadmill will tell you, it can be the most boring way to get your daily exercise.

Running on the spot looking at a blank wall or out of the same window will definitely destroy your motivation to exercise, so what are the alternatives?

Watch Television

This is a simple answer to your problem, as almost every home has a TV. Set up the treadmill in such a way as to allow you to see the TV. While the treadmill is not a glamorous piece of furniture, it can be hidden behind a beautiful screen when not in use.

Here are some suggestions for shows to watch while you run:

Talk/Variety Shows

Think of The Today Show or The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

These shows usually have loads of energy and the presenters are sure to keep you entertained while you pound away on the treadmill.


Any sitcom is an excellent way to pass a half-hour on the treadmill. These are often funny and will keep your attention off your tiring legs and on the show in front of you. Also, you could be encouraged to exercise longer, as you want to watch the next episode to see what happens!

Drama Series

Many fantastic drama series on television will keep you chasing bad guys, running away from zombies or eluding the cops.

These shows are great for binge-watching, and like with sitcoms, you may exercise longer than you realize because you just have to know what happens after the cliff-hanger of the last episode.

Listen to a Podcast or Audio book

If watching TV doesn’t turn you on, then how about listening to a podcast or audio book? Many books that are sold online will have an audio accompaniment, and you can also subscribe to audio book libraries.

These may also have you running for longer than you thought as you become involved in the story and get lost in the antics of the characters.

Download a Workout Playlist

Music is another great distraction on the treadmill. Look out for playlists specifically designed to get you almost dancing on the treadmill and watch those miles vanish from the screen.

Interval Training

If you are stuck with no outside stimulus, then vary your workout on the treadmill. Intersperse slow jogging with sprints, alter the incline, slow the belt, turn sideways and gallop instead of running, try skipping instead of walking, jog slowly while lifting your knees to touch your outstretched arms, jog slowly while slapping your heels against your butt, etc.

All of these things can make your workout more exciting and exercise different muscles.

No matter what outside stimulus you choose, find something that will keep your interest while the belt churns away underneath you.