How To Keep Your Blood Pumping In Cold Weather With Circulation-boosting Exercises

If you’re the kind of person that feels the cold more than others, you’re probably pretty fed up with people joyfully telling you to get your blood pumping or your co-worker joking that you should go for a run on your lunch break. It’s even harder to cope with this innate feeling of coldness when the weather itself turns cold. So, how do you stop yourself from freezing at your desk when winter comes around?

Seated leg raises

It may seem strange to know that you can exercise from the comfort of your office chair, but that’s exactly what you can do. One of the best exercises to get your circulation moving is the seated leg raises, which can be done by anyone no matter where you are in your office. All you have to do is sit upright in your chair, and lift one leg up so its at a right-angle to your other leg. Once you’ve held it there for around 10 seconds, swap legs and then repeat for around 15 reps. If you are finding this to be pretty easy, you can then make things even more difficult by adding a weight into the mix – such as a folder or purse hooked around your leg.

Water bottle weights

If you’re not a fan of the gym, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to spend your evening heading to the gym if you want to increase your circulation. Making the most of your water bottle can also allow you the chance to work out and increase your blood flow at the same time. To do this, simply fill up two water bottles and make sure that your co-workers don’t steal them. Then, do around 15 sets of overhead presses, which involves you holding a bottle in each arm and then lifting them into the air above you. Once you have done this, swap to a bicep curl. Hold the bottles out in front of you and then curl towards your body to give your arms an impressive workout. Again, do around 15-20 reps of this.

Chair dips

This one may make you look a little silly in front of your co-workers, but it’s all in the name of your health and wellbeing, right? If you really want to keep your blood pumping in cold weather, chair dips will become your new best friend. To perfect this exercise, stand in front of your chair, bend slightly, and then move your legs out in front of you while also placing your hands behind you on the seat of the chair. Once you have done this, you should be balanced in the air with the chair for your support. Then, use your stomach muscles and your arms to lift yourself up and down, and repeat this around 15 times for each set. Of course, you should probably make sure you don’t have a roller chair beforehand…

If you’re looking to improve your blood circulation while working in a cold office, make sure you add these exercises to your office workout.