How Many Calories Can You Burn Just by Dancing?

If you’re the kind of person that loves to get up and groove, then you’ve probably realized that dancing the night away makes you feel pretty tired. After all, you’re on your feet for the duration of your dance, you’re moving your body this way and that, and sometimes you’re even singing a song at the top of your lungs as well! So, have you ever wondered how many calories you burn when you’re dancing? The answer might surprise you – especially as each style of dance has its own number to contend with.

Hitting the tiles

If you go out on the town with your friends and dance the night away in the club, you’re definitely going to lose some calories. In fact, it’s been suggested that if a 125-pound person dances using moderate-intensity steps, you can burn around 330 calories per hour! However, it’s important to note that everyone is different when it comes to these calorie deficits. Your weight will determine how many calories you burn, and your style of dance will also determine how many calories you burn.

Contemporary dancing

Those who enjoy the delights and the deep thought of contemporary dance may have thought that their style of dance didn’t burn too many calories, but that isn’t the case. Amazingly, those who partake in just 30 minutes of a contemporary dance class will burn around 6 calories more than if someone went on a run for 30 minutes. All in all, a 30-minute dance class will cost you 534 calories.

Ballet dancing

Ballet dancing takes a huge amount of skill and flexibility, but did you know that it also burns a huge amount of calories? Ballet dancers are often known for their slim and petite physiques, and that might have something to do with the fact that they are burning around 462 calories every 30 minutes. Would you believe that that’s more than someone cycling for 30 minutes?

Salsa dancing

If you’re familiar with salsa dancing, you’ll know that this style is synonymous with quick steps and vibrant movements. However, it might surprise you to know that salsa doesn’t burn as many calories as the other two dance styles on the list. In fact, those who embark on a 30-minute salsa session will burn around 200 calories. Of course, this is still pretty good, especially if you’re having fun at the same time.

Zumba dancing

Have you ever been to Zumba? This dancing workout class has become hugely popular over the years, and there’s no doubt about the fact that many people find it hugely effective in terms of their exercise routine. One of the main reasons why people sign up for these classes is because you can have fun for half an hour while also burning around 285 calories at the same time.

If you’re the kind of person that loves to dance, you’ll be happy to know that it’s only going to make you healthier and happier. Who could argue with those numbers when it comes to calorie deficit?