Here’s How A Massage Gun Could Change Your Life

With health and fitness becoming hugely popular among all types of people, it might be no wonder that products designed to help performance and recovery are a must-have for many fitness fanatics. Massage guns are readily available for anyone to purchase, and extremely popular.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is a device that gives an instant massage wherever you are. There are two types of massage guns available: one that uses vibration therapy, and one that uses percussive therapy, with both giving soft tissue manipulation but at different rates of intensity. Soft tissue manipulation is believed by experts to reduce post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness.

Percussive therapy

Percussive therapy targets deeper areas of the soft tissue, using force applied to muscles and the connective tissues. It aims to replicate what a massage therapist would do during a massage, and will help to aid recovery by softening the muscle tissue in areas that may require relief from muscle soreness and tension.

Vibration therapy

If percussive therapy is a little too intense for you, vibration therapy is a good alternative. The idea is similar, but it doesn’t reach quite as deep into the tissue. This is a good option for somebody that may suffer from chronic pain or other conditions that may cause discomfort from using percussive therapy.

When to use a massage gun

People use massage guns for different reasons, most popularly for pre and post-workout aids. With them being a good reliever of muscle strain and tension, using them as part of a warm-up may enable you to have a more productive workout. Similarly, using one as part of your cool-down routine may help alleviate muscle soreness and tension after a workout. It can also be useful in relieving delayed-onset muscle soreness which some people experience a few days after a workout, although it won’t eliminate this.

How to use a massage gun

You should always read the instructions of your massage gun before using it, but generally speaking, as part of a warm-up it is advised that you spend a maximum of one to two minutes massaging each area that you intend to exercise, and 30 seconds on the supporting muscle groups in these areas. Similarly, using a massage gun for a cool down in those same areas to help aid your muscle recovery from your workout.

Areas to avoid using a massage gun

As with anything, there are areas of the body that massage guns aren’t designed for. Try and avoid any areas that are painful or bruised, anywhere with an open wound, anywhere with musculoskeletal injuries, and any bony areas. If you suffer from a musculoskeletal condition, it is advised to seek medical advice before using a massage gun to ensure it won’t hurt you.

Massage guns can be a fantastic piece of kit for any type of workout, but only when used correctly. With many variants of massage guns on the market, be sure to do your research and you may find it helps give you the most from your workout routine.