Here’s How Drinking Green Tea Can Make You Healthier And Slimmer

When you wake up in the morning, you probably need a little cup of caffeine to get you ready for the day. Nine times out of ten, you’re probably going to head straight for the strong coffee. However, coffee isn’t the healthiest drink in the world, and it’s definitely not beneficial if you are trying to be healthier and slim down. So, what can you drink to perk you up throughout the day? Green tea has been known to give you that caffeine hit while also providing you with numerous health benefits.

It’s packed full of antioxidants

Of course, we all know that tea is full of caffeine, and it’s this caffeine that gives you a burst of energy. Yet, caffeine also gives your body a boost to burn fat and burn calories, which can certainly aid weight loss. More than anything else, however, is that green tea is packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are hugely important in terms of maintaining your health and wellbeing, your immune system, and your weight loss efforts. Most notably, green tea is full of epigallocatechin gallate, which boosts your metabolism and allows your body to break down your food with ease.

It can suppress your appetite

Do you ever feel extremely hungry, and automatically assume that you need food in your body? Well, this might not always be the case. Your hunger pains and the rumbles in your stomach may actually just be a sign that your body is craving water, and it might be an idea to drink both water and green tea. That’s because green tea has been found to suppress your appetite. Whether this is because it suppresses the body’s need for liquid or because of the content of the drink is still unknown, according to science, but those who have drunk green tea have found that they snack less and feel less hungry.

It can be drunk as an alternative

If you don’t like drinking water, it can be hard to find drinks that are healthy for you. Instead, you may fill your body with soda, energy drinks, or caffeine-laden coffee. While these are not harmful in small doses, many of these drinks are full of sugar and fat, and will not promote a healthy diet. By switching these unhealthy drinks for a low calorie and low sugar alternative, such as green tea, you will be able to make a healthy choice. Of course, this goes out of the window if you add honey or sugar to your green tea.

Green tea probably isn’t on your grocery list every week, but it definitely should be. Drinking just 2-3 glasses of green tea each day can promote weight loss and fill your body with all of the goodness it needs to survive and thrive. The best part? Green tea can come in various different flavors so you can mix up your drinking antics. This can help to take away from the taste if you’re not too much of a fan. Time to drink up!