Healthy Eating Habits From Across The Planet That We Might Need In Our Own Routines

Good eating habits are a vital part of staying healthy and potentially living a longer life. If you’re struggling to maintain certain habits, there are many different ways to improve things. However, you might have to look overseas for the best tips.

Portion out less

Unlike the US, Japan doesn’t have a significant issue with obesity. That might be down to the fact that people here commonly eat smaller portions, so they never give their body more than it needs. It can be hard to cut down your portion size when you’re used to having a bigger plate at mealtime. However, you might be surprised by how satiated you can still feel when you eat less.

Eat slower

This habit isn’t exclusive to one part of the world. However, it is something that’s commonly adopted by people in France, and it can make quite a difference to calorie intake. The slower you eat your food, the more time you give your stomach to tell your brain that you’re no longer hungry. That means once you’ve finished what’s on your plate, you’re less inclined to want something else to eat. Obviously, if the hunger’s not there, then the likelihood of you consuming more than you need to decreases significantly.

Add more spices

Not a fan of hot food? Then this next healthy eating habit might be tougher for you to adopt. If you do like things spicy, though, then you should have no issue cooking your food the way they do in India. Here, the likes of ginger, turmeric, curry, and more are added to meals to give them a good kick. The reason this could benefit you is that these spices are filled with antioxidants, meaning they offer some wonderful health perks. So, if you can handle the heat, you might want to turn things up in the kitchen from now on.

Ferment more food

If you’re unfamiliar with fermentation, it’s a process by which you leave food in water, salt, or spices and wait for its chemistry to change. It’s often done in Norway, with one of the country’s delicacies being fermented trout. It’s worth trying food like this out because it’s a natural source of probiotics that can help your body in all sorts of ways. From a happier mood to better digestion, fermentation could be the way to go.

Eat a Greek diet

Want to decrease the risk of developing heart disease and cancer? Then the Greek diet might be something worth trying. Here, fish and cheese are prioritized over meat and milk because of their healthier properties. What’s more, fruits and vegetables take pride of place in a lot of dishes, while almost everything is drizzled in olive oil. By eating more food like this, you stand a better chance of improving your heart health and feeling better about your body.

It can be tough switching up your eating habits when you’re so accustomed to doing things one way already. However, by adopting these practices, you could do your body a world of good.