Should You Go Vegan For 2019?

Ever considered veganism? A lot of people have, with more than one million Americans following the vegan lifestyle. For people who have been meat eaters their entire life, this diet can be a massive shock to the system, though it’s not without its health benefits. However, do the positives outweigh the negatives?

Vegans lose weight easier

One of the great things about the vegan diet is that aspects of it are good for you. By not just cutting out meat but also other animal products like milk and cheese, you’re getting rid of some of the calorific, fatty foods that may have been prevalent in your lifestyle. With that in mind, veganism is a great way to keep off the pounds if you’re worried about your waistline. Combining it with a good exercise regime could get your body summer ready in no time.

…but they miss out on nutrients

Unfortunately, cutting out so much from your diet comes with its downsides. While animal products might not be great for you, they also provide your body with some much-needed nutrients. A lack of these can be just as bad for your body, which means it’s important for vegans to find a source of these nutrients elsewhere. This is usually done via supplements, something you may or may not want to have to worry about.

Vegans are helping the planet

You might think that if we all stopped eating animal products, farmers would be out of a job. However, have you considered how much of an impact food production has on the environment? From growing food to feed animals, to the end process of turning them into meat, the Earth is put through its paces so that we can eat a burger or hot dog. Around 27kg of CO2 is generated for every kilogram of beef produced… imagine how much that would go down if more people became vegans.

…but their diet requires adjustment

It can take quite a while for someone’s body to adjust a vegan diet when they’ve been following a different lifestyle for so long. Vegans commonly eat legumes and pulses because they provide a great source of protein. However, these can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable for a long time after you start your new diet. If you don’t fancy fighting through the pain, then veganism might not be for you.

Vegans can eat the same food

While it might seem like you can’t eat your favorite foods when you go vegan, that’s not necessarily true. You can still eat burgers and the like if you follow this lifestyle, you just have to go for alternatives. No, they might not taste exactly the same, but there are plenty of great options which will fill you up just as well. Plus, if you hate the thought of eating an animal when you chow down on a hot dog, these alternatives will free you from the guilt.

Only you can decide whether veganism is the right fit for you. Every diet comes with its pros and cons, and it’s up to you which one suits you the best.