These Foods Will Help You Fight Off Your Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are things you can do to help prevent how bad they get. While many people will assume the only way to remedy allergy symptoms is to take antihistamines, there are more naturally-fortifying ways to prevent your body from reacting to all the symptoms. Some people suffer worse than others, and while there’s no prominent cure, many would be relieved to help prevent the worst of it. Some foods are naturally designed to provide your body with extra nutrition, which will ultimately help alleviate some allergy symptoms.

Bell peppers and broccoli

These ingredients are brilliant at acting as an antihistamine as they are chock full of vitamin C, which naturally fights against allergies. Of course, eating fruit and vegetables do you a world of good, but, depending on your aim, you may want to avoid some. One example is avoiding orange juice as a source of vitamin C as they have been said to disrupt the histamine pathway. Instead, get your vitamin C from more effective sources such as peppers and broccoli.

Onions and apples

The compound that makes these special is that they both contain quercetin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and stabilizes cells. This means that consuming enough means you will have enough nutrients internally that will calm an inflammation. Interestingly, it is also what gives some fruits and vegetables a red tinge, although they don’t need to be red to contain it.

Kiwi and pineapple

These fruits are brilliant for different reasons. Kiwi also has a load of vitamin C, which can help to break down histamine. Pineapple is a unique fruit, and one of the reasons for this is because it contains an enzyme that reduces irritation for those who suffer from allergies or allergic diseases. This enzyme is called bromelain. So, if you’ve ever said you don’t think pineapple deserves a place on your pizza, here’s a reason why it would be a great addition.


This might seem odd considering many allergies are caused by pollen; however, some researchers have an interesting theory about this. They believe that if you have a small bit of honey now and then, you will develop a kind of tolerance that will help your body deal with these allergies. It’s not totally scientifically proven, but it may be worth a try. They recommend trying your local honey as it is more relevant to where you live and the specific allergies for your area.

Mackerel and salmon

These fish, when eaten fresh, have an abundance of omega 3 acids, which help with a lot of things. One of those things is being able to reduce allergy inflammation through the increase of omega 3, which is one health benefit many. This would complement the other foods on this list to act together to create an overall healthier body.

The main thing to keep in mind with allergies is that there is no cure, only symptom management. There are also foods that can upset and create inflammation such as dairy, bread, and specific drinks, avoiding these, and improving your diet will help keep allergies at bay.