Feeling Anxious? Try These 3 Clever Tricks To Cure It Instantly

As much as we try to avoid it, sometimes our anxiety can take over. High blood pressure, a fast heart rate, and feeling panicky are some of the many symptoms we may feel, but what about if these clever tricks could cure it instantly?

Play a game of triple five

When feeling anxious, playing a game might be the last thing on your mind. However, the “triple five” game could be just the thing you need to help take your mind off the situation. Firstly, look for five things around yourself that you can name. Then, think about five things you can hear. Finally, list five things you can feel on your body. This could be anything from wiggling your toes to stretching your arms. Looking for distractions could be the perfect way to focus your mind and silence the anxious thoughts filling your head. Plus, playing this game should help you to get back in the moment and feel part of the world around you once more.

Get moving

Exercise can be the perfect answer to many things in life, and now it seems as though it can help us with any anxious thoughts, too. While a trip to the gym can be the perfect way to keep fit and healthy, a brisk walk can be just as effective when helping to clear your mind. Feeling anxious often means that we take quick, shallow breaths which can limit the oxygen getting into our bodies. Getting that heart rate up means that we are forced to take deeper breaths and boost the positive hormones flowing around our bodies. As if that wasn’t enough, regular exercise has also been proven to help prevent anxiety in the long run. It seems as though getting up and active could be a win-win situation.

Stand up straight

Believe it or not, but feeling anxious means that many of us try to protect our upper bodies. We can often hunch over as we attempt to keep ourselves away from any danger. This is because we are trying to protect our lungs and heart. However, standing up straight could be a simple answer to put those anxious feelings to rest. Pull your shoulders back, stand with your feet evenly spread, and take some deep breaths. As well as helping alleviate many symptoms associated with anxiety, this pose will help to make many of us feel a lot more confident – and could push all those worrying thoughts aside. If you can’t stand up, then pulling your shoulders back in your seat can be just as effective.

Anxiety is thought to affect more than 18% of us every year, with many more people thinking anxious thoughts every day. Although there can be many ways to deal with your symptoms in the long run, sometimes we need some instant relief to help us get back on track. Thankfully, getting yourself back under control no longer has to be as hard as we once thought.