Feeling Anxious? This Is Why So Many People Are Turning To Exercise To Curb Their Anxiety

Do you ever feel anxious? Does your heart start to race? Does your mind begin to whir? Do your palms start to sweat? Everyone has their own symptoms when it comes to their anxiety, but you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone. Millions of people across the globe deal with anxious thoughts every single day, and although there are many ways to curb this anxiety, a huge number of people find that exercise can help them through the tough times. Yet, have you ever wondered why this is? Well, it seems as though exercise could be the tonic that we all need…

Exercise releases endorphins

If you’re familiar with the technical side of exercise, you’ll know that getting your blood pumping and your body moving isn’t just about these physical changes that you can see or feel. Exercise also has a drastic effect on the mind and the receptions racing around your brain, because it actually releases endorphins. These chemicals are often called the “feel-good” chemicals because they are able to naturally boost your mood and lift your spirits. If you suffer from anxiety, this could be exactly what you need to get you ready for the day ahead – especially if you work out in the morning.

Exercise is a distraction

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s often hard to take yourself away from the anxious thoughts and symptoms that surround your mind and body. You are drawn to the thoughts that you are feeling, and you often focus on them and dwell on them for hours on end. This doesn’t help the symptoms that occur, but sometimes it seems as though there is no way of ignoring them. But what if there is? Instead of focusing on what you are thinking or feeling, why don’t you turn your attention to exercise? Many people find exercise is a distraction from negative emotions and thoughts and can help them cope with their anxiety.

Exercise can improve your physical health

It’s no secret that stress can cause all kinds of illnesses, but it also works the other way. If you are ill, you can often feel even more stressed than you already are, and that’s not going to help your anxiety in any way. Because of this, it’s important to take care of your physical health, and exercising can be one of the best ways to do that. If you can reduce the risk of ill health and sickly symptoms, you can save yourself the stress that comes with it. This way you can focus on keeping your mind and body in top-notch condition, rather than fighting off illness after illness.

Exercise can help you socialize

Although there are some people who exercise alone, there are others who choose to attend classes and groups. While this may seem like the worst option for someone who is anxious, it can also be the best. That’s because exercise can help you socialize and have people around you to help you deal with this anxiety. They may be able to take your mind off it, or they may be able to help you cope with it. There’s nothing better than having friends around you when you’re feeling low.

Do you feel anxious? Exercise could be the answer.