These Exercises Can Actually Help Those Suffering With Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines? It’s believed that around 1 in 4 households in the United States includes someone who suffers from this debilitating condition on a regular basis. Migraines can stop a person in their tracks, and it can make living a normal life extremely difficult. While some people try to battle through their migraine, there are others who find that the only remedy is to lay down in a dark room until the moment passes. But what if we told you that these exercises can actually help those suffering with migraines?


If you are able to get yourself out of bed when you are suffering from a migraine flare-up, it might be a good idea to head to your local swimming pool. That’s because swimming is a low-impact form of exercise that won’t cause a strain on your body. In fact, swimming is often considered to be incredibly relaxing, and it may help you forget about your migraine for a second. Of course, this is not the time to be beating your personal best. Try to maintain a steady pace, but don’t push yourself too hard. You could even just bob around if you wanted to. There’s no pressure.


One of the worst things you could do when you have a migraine is to take yourself out for a high-octane sprinting session. You have to be careful that you don’t push yourself too far when it comes to running and migraines, which is why you should always stick to a light jog instead. It’s been suggested that jogging for around 30 minutes three times a week could help to keep your migraines at bay. It could also be a way to distract yourself when you feel a migraine coming along.


There’s nothing quite like jumping on a bike and cycling in any direction you choose. This is why cycling can actually help those who are suffering with migraines. This form of exercise doesn’t strain your body too much but is actually rather relaxing. It still gets your blood pumping and your heart racing, but not to the point where it can actually stimulate a migraine. It could be that you just cycle to work instead of driving, or you could head out for a biking weekend with your family. The opportunities are endless.


Of course, one of the best ways to combat migraines and to help their intensity is to walk. This not only clears your head, but it also gives you the fresh air you sometimes need when you have been cooped up with a migraine. It could be the perfect remedy for you when your migraine finally comes to an end, as you get the chance to stretch your legs and reconnect the outside world without putting too much pressure on yourself. Walking is also inexpensive, and everyone can do it!

If you suffer from migraines, exercise could be the last thing on your mind. However, introducing a few low-impact exercises into your regime could be one of the best things you ever do.