Eco-Friendly Exercises We Can Enjoy Any Day Of The Week

Many of us dedicate a lot of time to thinking about ways to cut down our carbon footprint. What about when it comes to our exercise routine? Thankfully, it turns out there are eco-friendly exercises we can enjoy any day of the week.


There are plenty of reasons that yoga is becoming one of the most popular exercises on the planet. As well as needing minimal equipment, there are also plenty of online videos for beginners all the way through to advanced yogis. Thankfully, yoga is not only eco-friendly; it also comes with plenty of added health benefits, both physical and mental.

Home workouts

Working out doesn’t mean investing in an expensive gym membership. In fact, there are plenty of online workouts that use our body weight, meaning we don’t even have to fork out on any equipment. If you have some money to spare or want to push things further, getting some small weights, resistance bands, or other pieces of equipment means you can have the gym experience without ever leaving your house.


Getting out in nature is a great way to reset our mental health – and keep things eco-friendly when it comes to our exercise routine. National parks usually have several maps on offer and cater to people of all abilities, meaning we can enjoy ourselves and look after our planet at the same time. Just be sure to prepare for your trek before heading out the door.


Although the name might not sound familiar, there’s a good chance you might have seen people plogging. It all started in Sweden and sees people head out for a walk with a trash bag in one hand and a litter picker in the other. That’s right; it’s just like any other walk but sees people collect discarded trash on their journey. We might not have put the trash there, but plogging can help restore Mother Nature.

Mountain biking

Want an adrenaline rush while keeping things eco-friendly? Mountain biking could be the answer. The sport is great if you live near trails, as it means you don’t have to travel to enjoy yourself and get your heart racing. Although there are plenty of places to go off-piste, sticking to the trails means you should know things are clear and ready to ride.

Charity races

Several cities and towns often hold charity races throughout the year. This is great for anyone who needs a little motivation to train for something. Plus, it means most of us don’t have to travel too far to participate in a race – and maybe even win a medal at the end. Most of the time, all you need to do is sign up and pay a fee or raise donations for a cause before completing the race.

Thankfully, these eco-friendly exercises we can enjoy any day of the week mean we no longer have an excuse not to get moving. The best bit? We can do so without having to think about how it will affect our carbon footprint.