Eat Healthy: Delicious Vegan Dips for all Occasions

Having a few friends around for a small celebration is a common practice and one that usually needs little in the way of thought. We all have our favorite dips and crisps and our favorite go-to nibbles that we love to share, but what happens when one of our friends lets you know that they are vegan?

Your heart sinks, how are you to provide dips that they can eat?

There is no need for concern as you can make a few vegan dips that are tasty and your non-vegan friends will enjoy just as much as your vegan friends. While most dips are lovely accompanied by tortilla or pita chips, you can also serve vegetable crudités, which are delicious with dips.

Artichoke Dip

Try this fantastic Vegan Artichoke Dip, that uses artichokes, herbs, and an almond-based cream cheese substitute. This scrummy dip will be delicious with veggies or with tortilla chips.

Kalamata Olives

Another vegan-friendly dip is made with kalamata olives, vegan-friendly ranch dressing, dill, and olive oil. Again, this dip will be delicious with crudités or chips. Just stand back and watch it disappear!

Almond Dip

How about trying something completely different? Perhaps you could put out a Spicy Almond Dip that is just divine with veggies. This dip is made with raw almonds, almond milk, and spices. Don’t be put off, make a batch and you will not be disappointed with it.

Avocado Salsa Verde

A real favorite that is both easy to make and absolutely delicious is Avocado Salsa Verde. This bright green savory dip is made from avocado pears, tomatillos, chilies, and herbs and when served with tortilla chips it just melts in the mouth. Just go easy on the chili if your friends are not into spicy foods.

Avocado and Broccoli Dip

Since we are talking avocado pears, why not put a new twist on guacamole and add a little broccoli. This Avocado and Broccoli Dip is made with avocado pears, raw broccoli, tomato, onion, and herbs. Yummy with veggies or chips.


Ring the changes with a vegan-friendly Tzatziki. This yogurt and cucumber salad is very popular but for those that cannot eat yogurt, here is an alternative that will go down a treat with your vegan friends. You will need cucumber, coconut yogurt, olive oil, and herbs to create a different but delicious dip.

Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Another excellent variation on the norm is a spicy Buffalo Chickpea Dip. Hummus is a fantastic alternative dip and adding a little spice, and a few other ingredients turn the plain chickpea into a gourmet meal!

French Onion Dip

Our last suggestion takes the humble onion and with a little French flair turns it into a delicious French Onion Dip that will enhance the flavor of veggies or tempt your guests with small bread sticks to dig out the last of this dip from the corners of the bowl! You will need onions, cashew nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices and a little time to produce a beautiful, rustic-looking taste sensation.

Hopefully, this will help you overcome the nervousness of proving tasty dips for your vegan friends. You may find that you have enjoyed browsing some different aisles in your local supermarket and that the new flavors that you have created will remain a feature of your party-food in the future or simply as a tasty snack.