Easy Ways To Ensure You’re Eating The Right Portions

Believe it or not, but eating the right portions doesn’t have to mean that you cut your meals in half. It could simply mean that we need to take a look at the food we put on our plates to ensure we’re getting a balanced diet.

Try measuring cups

One easy way to ensure you’re eating the right portions is to measure out your food. Not all of us have the time to weigh our food and count each thing we put on our plate, so why not compromise and use measuring cups instead? These could be anything from cooking measuring cups to a mug. Whatever the case, it means you’re eating the same amount each time.

Think about second meals

Many of us want something sweet as soon as we’ve finished a big meal. Would you believe that a lot of this can be thanks to habit rather than our cravings? Try eating some fruit rather than heading straight for the candy cupboard. Sure, that chocolate cake might sound like a good idea, but fruit will give your body several other health benefits.

Don’t pick at leftovers

Most of us want to avoid wasting food. However, that doesn’t mean we need to pick at leftovers for the rest of the night until there is nothing left. Why not box up your leftovers and enjoy them for lunch the next day? If there is enough left, you can even try saving them for another night in the week. Now, you can save time cooking and ensure you’re eating the right portions.

Use a smaller plate

Even though we know it’s a smaller plate, it turns out this trick really works. Our minds are tricked into thinking we’re eating more food as the plate is filled with things to eat rather than being spread out on a larger dish. It’s a simple change but an easy way to control portion sizes.

Wait for 20 minutes

Believe it or not, but it takes around 20 minutes for our stomachs to tell our brains we’ve had enough to eat. Have you finished your meal, but you still feel hungry? Try waiting 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, then you can have some more to eat, but there’s a chance your brain just needed some time to catch up to the rest of your body.

Ask for less food

It can be tempting to eat out with our friends, but that doesn’t mean we should load up on the portion sizes – even if that’s what the restaurant is trying to make us do. A simple way to ensure you’re eating the right portions is merely asking for a smaller meal at the restaurant. On the other hand, you can ask for things on the side, such as salad dressings or condiments.

Finding easy ways to ensure you’re eating the right portions can have great effects on your health. In fact, it might not be long before our bodies start to feel better than ever, all thanks to some simple changes.