What Is A Detox And Does It Actually Work?

In this day and age, we all want to look and feel our best. However, with so many diets and quick-fixes strewn about social media and magazines, it’s hard to know what really works and what doesn’t. Yet, all you have to do is scroll through Instagram to see your favorite celebs grab their juices and exclaim about their new venture. After an award ceremony or particularly eccentric vacation, they decide to go on a detox. But what is a detox and does it actually work?

What is a detox?

Although we know it as a detox diet, the full name for this process is a detoxification diet. The aim of this diet is to eliminate all of the bad stuff from your body and allow it to naturally replenish itself with the good stuff. In short, this means you get rid of the toxins, and you fill yourself up with nutrients and minerals. This has proved to be extremely popular over the years with celebrities and those who want a quick fix, but its legitimacy has been called into question.

How do you detox?

Detoxing is not an easy process and one that requires a strict regimen and willpower. Normally, a detox diet will require the person to fast for 1-3 days and to eliminate almost all food from their diet. While they can’t eat a huge amount, those who are going through a detox diet can fill their bodies with natural and healthy foods such as fresh fruit, water, juices, tea, and smoothies. Many people also choose to cut out alcohol, refined sugar, and other bad habits in their lives.

What does a detox do?

A detox allows your body to completely reset itself and rid itself of the bad toxins that can often affect your general wellbeing, your mental and physical health, and your appearance. As the detox continues, you allow the stimulation of your liver, which ultimately helps to rid your body of the bad toxins. This is done through sweat and excretion, and it also gives your organ a rest. This, in turn, allows your body the chance to take a breather and recuperate after a particularly toxin-filled life.

Does a detox work?

Of course, it’s always good to get excess toxins out of your body. These toxins can drastically affect your health, and a detox is the best way to do this quickly. Detox diets can also help people lose weight, change their relationship with food and drink, and generally feel better about themselves and their body. However, a detox is not something you should venture into if you are looking to lose weight. While it may allow you to lose weight initially, this will only be a quick-fix that could regress as soon as you start eating again. Alongside this, many people struggle to detox healthily and often find themselves feeling unwell and extremely faint.

It seems as though detoxing will always be a popular choice for those in the limelight, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to really think about why you want to detox and whether it’s best for you before you do so.