Delicious Foods That Are High In Vitamin B12

If you’re the kind of person that loves to ensure that their body is running at full capacity, you’ll know just how important vitamins are. These vitamins are essential to keep you as happy and as healthy as possible, and vitamin B12 is one of those important vitamins. It’s your job to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the midst of a vitamin B12 deficiency, as this could have some disastrous health effects. After all, B12 is vital in keeping your blood cells and nerves healthy, and they even help your body to make new DNA. So, how can you keep your vitamin B12 levels high? Thankfully, these delicious foods are full of vitamin B12.


If you’re a meat-eater, you can rest easy knowing that the beef you eat is full of vitamin B12. Eating just one grilled flat iron steak will provide you with around 467% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 – which means that you can eat beef without worrying about whether you’re getting enough vitamins or not. Another reason for this is because beef is also full of zinc and selenium, which are minerals that are essential to maintain normal bodily functions.

Fortified cereals

Of course, if you don’t eat meat or animal products, you don’t have to make your way back into the world of meat to obtain vitamin B12. Fortified cereals are full of this vitamin B12 – but it’s important to remember that these aren’t the healthiest of products. Fortified products are packed full of vitamins and minerals that aren’t normally in food, so you have to eat them in moderation. This is great for people who love Malt-O-Meal Raisin Bran, though.


It’s no secret that there are people out there who hate sardines, but there are others who absolutely love this saltwater fish. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll be happy to know that sardines are full of vitamin B12. Whether you buy them fresh or from a can, you can feel confident about the fact that they will be topping up your B12 reserves. As if that wasn’t enough, this fish is also full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are also essential to a healthy body.

Fortified nutritional yeast

Fortified nutritional yeast is incredibly popular with vegetarians and vegans, as it’s a product that can simply be sprinkled on top of food, or mixed into food during the cooking process. Unlike yeast that is used to make quality bread and beer, fortified nutritional yeast is made for those who want to add vitamin B12 into their diet. Around two tablespoons of this stuff will provide you with a whopping 733% of your recommended daily intake – which means you only need a small amount every week.

There are so many other foods out there that have vitamin B12 in them, but there are other options, as well. If you do not feel as though you are eating enough foods laden with B12, then you might want to think about taking B12 supplements.