Craving Fast Food? These Healthy Alternatives Will Curb Your Cravings In No Time

If dieting was easy, the whole world would probably be thin. Unfortunately, restricting what you eat is something that a lot of people struggle with, and it never really gets any easier. The longer you’re on a diet, the more you start craving all the food you can’t eat anymore. That’s why a lot of experts advise that you eat things in moderation rather than cutting them out entirely – that way it’s not such a struggle. Of course, if you do have cravings that you can’t shift, there are some great healthy alternatives to keep you on track with your diet.

Veggie fries

French fries are a firm favorite for people who love fast food, but they’re not exactly healthy. Luckily, it’s possible to forgo the potato fries for ones made out of things like carrots and parsnips. These might not sound like the most appealing snacks, but if you pop them in the oven, they’ll come out as soft and crispy as french fries. If baked vegetables aren’t your thing, you can use sweet potatoes instead which are basically just a healthier version of regular french fries.

Crust-free pizza

Pizza is probably one of the most popular takeaway options there is available. However, all that dough can really come back to bite you. That’s why crust-free pizza is the way to go when you’re looking to be healthier. Forgo the dough for something like pizza-stuffed zucchinis instead. Apply your favored toppings to the vegetable then pop it into the oven until it’s good to go. This low-carb alternative is easy to make, and it’s so much more nutritious too.

Bunless burgers

A burger from McDonald’s might sound like a great way to fill yourself up after a long day of work, but do you really know what goes into that meal? For something much healthier, you’re better off cooking up your own burger using ground meat or chopped salmon from the store. Combine this with lettuce or sweet potato rounds instead of buns, and you’ve got a homemade burger that will be just as filling.

Burrito bowls

A lot of the time, all you need to do to make fast food healthier is remove some of the more harmful ingredients. In the case of burritos, that means taking out the tortilla, leaving you with all the goodness inside. As tortillas are typically quite calorific, removing these from the equation will instantly make your meal so much healthier. However, you can also go one step further and make your standard burrito vegetarian by swapping the meat for beans.

Kale chips

Potato chips are a great thing to snack on, but it’s so easy to eat way more of them than is considered healthy. Thankfully, if you substitute the potato snack for kale instead, you can eat as many as you want without feeling so guilty. Just bake them in your flavor of choice then you can sit down and snack on.

Being healthy might seem like a massive hassle, but as long as you find suitable alternatives to your favorite foods, it’s not actually as difficult as it looks.