These Are The Most Common Reasons Why People Skip Workouts

We all admire people who can stick to a training schedule. Keeping motivated and going to gym every day is a great goal. However, there are many reasons why people skip a workout — some of which you may be guilty of.

At the end of the working day, deciding to skip a workout is not uncommon. People may skip workouts at other times of the day too.

No matter how many times you may have done the same thing, it is important to always remember that you can get back on the proverbial horse and ride into that golden sunset.

1. Not Enough Sleep

Not having enough sleep the night before a workout will leave your energy drained. The idea of physical exertion will be repulsive. Motivating yourself to get through the working day may have been hard enough.

Remember to sleep for an adequate number of hours. Most adults function best on 6-8 hours of sleep a night. A crazy work schedule will not allow you to train and function effectively in the workplace.

2. Physical Exhaustion

Physical exhaustion can be the result of over-training. Your body needs rest time to heal and for your muscles to recover. If you have been overdoing it at the gym, you will find that your body is depleted.

Your reserves of energy will be low and your fitness will be compromised. Sufficient rest between workouts will ensure that you are better able to stay committed to a more realistic workout schedule.

3. Laziness

A lack of motivation is quite common, and people may ditch their workout plans if they are not truly committed to their fitness goals. A personal coach or working out with a buddy may help to keep you on track. An off day or skipping a workout is not the end of the world. However, if you regularly skip workouts, then it is a good idea to think of the reason why.

Do you have a clear goal in mind, do you have a set routine or are you going through the motions? What are your trying to achieve? Weight loss or fitness? Having defined goals and a set routine will help keep you motivated. Overly ambitious goals will also rob you of motivation. Keep your goals achievable, and it will be easier to feel like you are making real progress. Every step counts.

4. Intimidation

Some people find exercising in a gym an exercise in intimidation. There are the special workout clothes as well as the super-fit gym bunnies and boys. Then there are the complex machines. Many people are reluctant to ask gym staff or other members for assistance. Skipping a workout can easily become a comfortable routine until you are not going to your weekly yoga class at all. Take the pressure off.

Find an environment that suits you and where you feel comfortable. There are all-ladies gyms or you may prefer a walk on the beach. Exercise is important, but it is more important to keep physically healthy than to drag yourself to a gym where you feel uncomfortable.