Clever Workout Ideas For Those Who Hate Cardio

Hands up if you hate cardio? If the thought of running around brings you out in a cold sweat, just know that you’re not alone. Everybody is different and everyone responds better different types of workouts. If you want to stay in shape, then you need to find the kind of workout that is best for you. Otherwise, you’ll likely just throw in the towel and never get moving. If you really hate the idea of cardio, but still want to keep yourself fit and healthy, then try out some of these workout ideas instead.

Jump Rope

You might hate the thought of running and jumping in a cardio situation, but there is something very different about jump rope. It’s almost like we are transported back to our childhoods when we get that rope out – and we never want to stop. Heck, you can even start singing your favorite jump rope rhymes to get you in the mood, if you want. You can play around with different patterns and styles, along with different intensities and even where you workout. Before you know it, you’ll be jumping away all those calories and will feel fitter than ever. Just make sure you wear some good knee supports if you’re going to be jumping away… We’re not as nimble as we were when we were kids!


Admit it… You hate cardio but you don’t mind getting a sweat on in the club when your favorite track comes on, right? So, you don’t hate cardio! Dancing is one of the most fun ways to lose weight and it doesn’t matter how or where you do it. You could attend a hip hop class to learn to bump n’ grind or simply stick on some YouTube videos at home. Maybe you’ll just end up doing it in the clubs – although, you may want to avoid drinking if the plan is to get fit. Wherever you do it and to whatever kind of music, dancing can burn a ton of calories and keep your whole body in shape. It’s so much fun you won’t want to stop!


We’re constantly told that cardio is so good for us, by health professionals and fitness fanatics. However, we already know we don’t like doing it, so what can we do?! The secret is in the length of time we do it for. If you hate cardio but know you need to introduce some into your fitness regime, then try HIIT. High-intensity interval training consists of very short bursts of exercises, along with rest periods, over around 15-25 minutes. You don’t need to exercise for a long time for it to be effective! These short workouts are perfect for heart health and losing weight, and they’re over in no time. Do a quick HIIT session first thing in the morning for a huge boost of energy and the smug feeling that you didn’t need to hit the gym for over an hour.

These workouts are ideal for those who belong to the ‘We Hate Cardio’ club like us. Which one are you going to try first?