Can You Really Make Yourself Like Exercise?

If there is one thing that many of us have found ourselves asking, it’s: can you really make yourself like exercise? Some of us are born to move, while others need a little more motivation. Can we really make ourselves become something we’re not?

Discover your workout personality

One of the reasons that people don’t like exercise is because they haven’t found their workout personality. Do you prefer fast-paced classes or something a little slower? Is strength training your thing, or do you like cardio instead? Unfortunately, you might have to try several things until you find one that fits. Still, once you do, exercising should become a lot more enjoyable.

Exercise with friends

Not everyone likes to work out with other people. However, one of the ways some people can make themselves like exercise is to work out with their friends. This can act as motivation as you help to push each other further and know you have to show up if you make exercise commitments. Plus, it can be the perfect excuse to catch up.

Use strengths to your advantage

It’s no secret that most people like to do something they are good at, including working out. This means finding what you know how to do when it comes to exercise and running with it, especially on the days that you need a confidence boost. This could be lifting weights thanks to your job in a warehouse or taking up running after all day running around after dogs at a dog daycare.

Name something you enjoy

You’re more likely to make yourself like exercise if you can name something you enjoy about your workouts – that has nothing to do with results. Some people love the way they feel after a good workout session. Others use it as a chance to spend some time on themselves and destress from the day. Whatever the case, it’s best to have something in mind.

Don’t compare yourself

It can be easy to start comparing your journey to someone who is already weeks or months ahead. Even if you start exercising at the same time as your friend, there’s a good chance you will see results at different times. One of the best ways to make yourself like exercise is to stop comparing yourself to others, so you’re not discouraged if they see results you’re yet to find.

Use exercise as a reward

Exercise has long been viewed as a form of punishment for when people think they have eaten too much or they want to lose weight and will do whatever it takes. When did looking after our body and improving all aspects of our health have to be used as a punishment? It can take a little practice, but when it comes to making yourself like exercise, it’s best to view it as a reward after a long day or as a way to unwind instead.

Can you really make yourself like exercise? While it might seem impossible, it turns out there are simple ways to turn your mind around.