What to Load Up On To Boost Your Immune System

What are you eating? What kind of nutrition are you putting into your body on a daily basis? The choices you make affect more than your waistline. Your general health and well-being, as well as your body’s ability to defend itself from viruses and bacteria, are linked to the health of your immune system. How can you give your body a great boost in the immunity department? Make sure you are eating the following:


1. Citrus fruits

A vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy. The sailors of old stocked up on lemons and citrus to keep healthy, and so should you. Vitamin C helps you fight off colds and produce white blood cells. Grapefruit, lemon, lime, oranges — your body can’t make or store vitamin C, and these fruits taste delish too. Think outside the box and try segments in salads, add it to lunchboxes or have a fresh citrusy dessert. Watch out for sugar-laced drinks. Make fresh ones instead.

2. Red bell peppers

Toss the humble orange aside and make way for the lesser-known but vitamin C-packed bell peppers. Whether they’re red or yellow, they will more than meet your recommended daily intake. Grilled vegetables have never sounded so good. Alternatively, make a dip with cream cheese or munch on them in salads. This nutrient-rich vegetable is also good for your eyesight and has beta-carotene.

3. Broccoli

This is one of our favorite boosters. It’s a super powerhouse packed with vitamins A, C and E. Add it to salads or serve it as a side. The less you cook it, the more nutrient-dense it will be. Slice it thinly and munch away with a dip. Add to your stir fry. It’s a versatile and economic vegetable that will make your immune system very happy.


4. Garlic

Feel free to order that extra-cheesy garlic bread and chomp away on one of nature’s miracle foods. It contains sulfur compounds, fights infection and boosts your immunity. With that said, popular tales suggest maybe this is just the result of nobody wanting to come too close to you! You may want to keep some parsley on hand, should you have to return to work.

5. Ginger

Ginger is also widely used across the world in both cooking and tea. It has many great properties, as it can reduce nausea, lower cholesterol, ease a sore throat and help fight infection. Ginger has a compound in it that is similar to chili. It can taste a little fiery, so use it with caution. It is great in Asian-style food and delicious added to curry.

What else can you eat to boost your immune system? Well, there are many more amazing superfoods that you can enjoy such as spinach, shellfish, yogurt, sunflower seeds, almonds, turmeric, green tea, papaya and chicken. Packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, these are some of the best immunity-boosting choices when it comes to cooking for yourself, your family and friends. If you don’t feel up to cooking, grab a kiwi or papaya instead.